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Can you believe one week from today is Christmas Day? Where does the time go? I mean, it just flies. Unbelievable times. We're living in 809 41. Sean, If you want to be a part of this extravaganza, you know, now we have a second. Vaccine. One that the mom and the media the ones the big tech told us the one that Joe Biden said. There's not gonna be a miracle. Well, it's kind of miraculous. That is now done and now being distributed and now given approval and now being put in the arms of health care workers and providers on the front lines of this pandemic. Which is amazing, and it's going to be getting in a nursing homes and then in the general population. Ah, is anyone in the media ever stopped to think what an incredible accomplishment pushed driven by a guy? That's a businessman named Donald Trump? We could barely ever see a nice words about him. As a matter of fact, you're loving Democrats. Open kind loving, You know, the one that thinks we're all mother efforts. I'm sorry. That's Joe Biden's chief of staff. Um like James Clyburn. They're actually urging Biden to establish a independent commission that would assign blame. For people that died from the pandemic. And they want to put the blame. Where do you think on Donald Trump? That's how sick It has gotten when you think it can't even get sicker. It does. Congresswoman Omar complaining that about the dangerous criminal neglect of Trump and his administration. Did anyone ever tell them? That he's the one that built the hospital's got. The PPE got the mascot, the gloves got the ventilators built. The hospital sent the Navy ships and ships, etcetera. No, I guess not. Would never give you credit. You know, I don't know how I missed this. Um American thinker. You probably don't know this member. I told you there were the two most widely quoted studies on We're both pulled. One was from Lancet and I forget where the other one was. I think it was the Journal of Medicine. I'm not sure but I know one was Lancet. They were pulled because they weren't properly reviewed and wouldn't live up to a real peer review. Pretty amazing, and we talked to you about Dr Daniel Wallace. The foremost expert and And again, it was Dr Oz saying. Well, of course, we wish we had the studies that could prove this. This this and this, But if the risk is nil, what have you got to lose? You go to war with the army? You have not the one you wish you had. And we have people like Dr Harvey Rush on this program and Dr Josh number on this program and Dr Oz on this program in our medical, a team on this program and people from Baylor and people from U C L A and all over the country, put them all on They were all telling, you know, it actually taken early Now there's numerous studies starting with Henry Ford study that showed yeah, you taken earlier, actually very helpful. The A. M may when none of us were looking American Medical Association now they had vehemently opposed. The mob and the media because Donald Trump mentioned it. They just were clubbing him every day over it. Now they've reversed course. And I bet most of you didn't hear about this. The foremost group of medical experts now apparently agree with Donald Trump. That And by the way, Dr Rice has said, Now he's the Yale University professor of epidemiology. Actually had a nice webinar with him and Louie Gohmert and Rand Paul, etcetera. I think we could put it back up. If we don't Hannity dot com. He said that if the medical establishment Had endorsed the use of a dropsy clerk. When early on, instead of flooding the public with bogus information to discredit this life saving medicine. Ah, whopping. 175,000 American lives could have been saved. Gee, thanks a lot. American medical associations and all you all of you other people that play politics with a pandemic and still are playing politics with a pandemic. I am a adamantly against Reversed their opposition. The end of October, very quietly issued a new statement conveniently overlooked by the mob, given the green light to doctors to prescribe it to their covert patients. Resolved that R A. M a rescinds its statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing. Early in disease the disease course The updated position is we clarify our support for positions ability to prescribe the FDA approved medication for off loose use label. If it is in her or his best clinical judgment, with specific reference to the use of Aforementioned Harvey Rush. The guy from Yale who we've had on this show the number of Americans had died. He's saying 175,000 people might have saved their lives. Anyone gonna have an investigation? James Clyburn is now gonna have AH, independent commission looking into that. I mean, it's really insane out there on every level on every topic that Louis Farrakhan Currently good friends with Warnock eyes actually losing it. And now you know, White devils and my God teaches me the white man is the skunk of the planet Earth and obviously very lonely anti Semetic. He's now claiming and urging his disciples to abstain from taking the Corona virus vaccine because it contains quote toxic waste. And was designed by White Devils and crackers to hurt black people. Our long speech that virtual speech to the National African and Black leadership summit this week, he goes on to say the vaccine is part of a death plan. That began with whites, making blacks more vulnerable to Corona virus. We have to survive because the death plan is in motion. What is the death plan was so frightened over this cove ID. Well, now they're getting us ready for the vaccine. And he said brothers and sisters, do you believe that Satan is concerned about vaccinating you? You trust him. After all that he's done to destroy us. You trust him? And your trust this sickening because you love your enemy and you hate yourself. You could allow him to stick a needle into you and say he's helping you okay? Trump says the Madonna covert 19 vaccine distribution will start immediately. Well done. Medical researchers Mike Pence. Got it done on video. Uh, I felt sorry for the partners that had nothing to do with the vaccine. But she passes out. I think at the sight of blood or whatever, and you know, a lot of people have that condition is very common. So I get in order to get a column written by New Gingrich today. And I'm in the middle of doing usual Normal show prep..

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