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Contact against eagles defensive back Corey Graham and last week's Cowboys win over the eagles Elliott is appealing define. He's the first offense a player to be flagged for that penalty this season. He couldn't make exactly right coach you kidding me. He's being fined twenty six thousand dollars you see plays like this every week, but they're initiated by the defense. Oh my gosh. Get where you're watching last night when Philip rivers got Tomahawk late in the game on a helmet to helmet and no flag was called. And they find Zeke Elliot twenty six thousand which is a drop in the bucket. Don't win in his world. But still it is. What did they think? It's the typical NFL by the way tomorrow night on the end zone club Brad, sham play by play voice of the Cowboys will be with us to talk about the Cowboys in Indianapolis, and Ezekiel Elliott also tomorrow. In the end zone club Duke, Carlisle, the former Longhorn great quarterback has a new book out. He's one of the three national championship quarterbacks for the Texas longhorns. That's the end zone club. Come and join us at dirty. Martin's place on Guadeloupe. We'll be there from four thirty till right after six o'clock having a big old time watching pro football on television tomorrow and some bowl games. So that'll be interesting to get Brad Shams comments on this Zeke, Elliott fine. Welcome back to the show. We're talking about a another story about a cowboy this verdict yesterday by a jury in Dallas found a nightclub a nightclub by the name of beamers partly to blame for over Sherman. A former cowboy by the name of Josh Brent Brent was over served and was drunk the night. He drove drunk and killed his teammate and best friend, Jerry breast terrible story awful story. Josh Brett sent some spent some time in jail, but Jerry Brown's mother. Sued and his estate sued and they won twenty five million dollars. And the jury said beamers shared about half the blame with Brandt forty eight percent with the final four percent Lang with the victim. And our last caller. Do you blame the victim at all the victims being blamed by four percent? I'd have they come up with forty eight forty eight and four don't know how they did that your comments on that at five one eight three six zero five ninety last hour. We also talked about a new poll by CNN, those Democrats who may be running for president Joe Biden with thirty percent support Bernard Sanders. Fourteen percent support that to- calling him Robert o Rourke nine percent. And Cory Booker. I am Spartacus from New Jersey by percent Beto is the only one of those four whose numbers have risen in the last month up to nine percent. We also talked about the economy. Module. Welcome. You're talking about the economy. Welcome you're on kale b j. Hello. Did you call Mahmoud? Yes. I said my mood. How are you my friend fantastic? Hey, listen to your resident business expert is out to Las Vegas. Oh, Mahmoud, I hope he's using those key business skills that he teaches at UT on the crap table or the blackjack table. Yes. Once it comes back, please. Tell us the amount. We're all very curious. He will never tell the amount. You know, how you do when you come back in Las Vegas while. It's first thing you do. I broke even broke even yes now what about the economy? What about the economy? What I turned on the radio. I heard you say something about how you call them is doing good. So it's only the stock market. Here's the thing stock market buff. And reflect what economy is doing today. It tries to predict what economy is gonna do in the future. Right. Right. And regardless of who the president is it's all about politics and. You know, whether it's congress policy or president's policy or some agencies policy right now, there's just too much uncertainty in the market with the tariffs. And the, you know the tariff wars, you know, like soybean farmers up north they lost more than fifty percent of their busy loosened. The mark. Yeah. Right. So as long as there's uncertainty stock market's gonna bet on the side of Austin. And it's going to go down people are gonna invest less. Now having said that people like Warren Buffett there might at some point. I think that it's low enough where they're gonna start scooping up the house. Yeah. Are going back up a little bit. But stock market is truly a predictive thing for feature. That makes sense. Yeah. It makes it makes a lot of sense. And you're right. Thank you for the call Mahmoud, it makes sense that the Warren Buffett's, the gates out there and Warren Buffett is very keen always like Warren Buffett because he said he doesn't he doesn't invest in a company or a stock unless he knows exactly what it does. That's why I didn't do a lot of high tech early on. Because they didn't know what what it was. But what concerns me? You know, I've got a 4._0._1._K and the 4._0._1._K is going down down down down down down down. It was great the first year. It was great the first year with Donald Trump, but all those gains. Plus are are now gone are now gone, and it's gonna take a while to bring them back. That's what the concern is. Also, there was a story in the world of business today. General Motors today says it's beginning to send formal notice to the US government agencies of its plan to in production at auto plants and cut thousands of jobs as it shrinks passenger car. Production in North America, the largest US automaker said twenty eight hundred hourly active US workers at four American plants will end production next year. But the good news is they're eligible for new jobs at other plants. This is the thing that you've got to retool yourself. You've got to reboot yourself you in a lot of times. You gotta go to new places GM said it currently has twenty seven hundred current open positions at seven plants in India. Ohio Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee. And here in Texas with about a thousands of those open jobs at assembly plants in Flint Michigan, and that is that is really really good for those workers. They can stay in their field. That's the problem. We've talked about this for a long time, the steelworkers and the coal miners, and I blame politicians I'll blame those elected officials is not only Donald Trump at all those elected officials in West Virginia who promise all we're going to bring coal back. We're going to bring steel back. It's not coming back of the levels. It was a nineteen seventy seven. There's too much technology out there. They have fewer workers. It's the same thing. And they're all business. They have fewer workers in the oil oilfields of west, Texas because one person can monitor. A half a dozen wells from a like, I'm setting they can do that one person. Instead of having crews are many people at the wells. It's just technology at work. So you have to retool yourself. You have to do things. And I'm I'm I applaud GM that they are opening up and having these twenty seven hundred positions for the twenty eight hundred people who have lost their jobs here. The phone numbers. Five one two eight three six zero five ninety eight seven seven five nine zero five five to five interesting article today or those of us who are getting older for those of you out there who are forty four forty five forty six and you haven't seen Dr lately. And you don't know if you have heart risk, you know, when the risk of a heart attack is most prevalent in the entire year when will a person most likely have a heart attack, and I found this very interesting. You know, what what it is? It's Christmas Eve. Experts and they did all these studies. I think it was Sweden of all these heart attack victims. The day December twenty four th Christmas Eve came up time after time after time as a time when you're more likely Christmas Eve is the day that they say you're more likely to have a heart attack and Mondays early in the morning, they say Christmas because of all. The eating the drinking family issues are to blame for people having heart attacks on Christmas Eve, I found that very fascinating Christmas Eve, and we're we're coming to a stressful time, we all know that as I said earlier, we're less than two weeks away from Christmas and you want to get the right Christmas gift you wanna do things for your children and your entire family. And sometimes because of financial reasons are just other reasons, you don't do it. But it's interesting how people approach Christmas Eve. My father was notorious on Christmas Eve forgetting panicked. My father had Gibson's discount center in brownwood, remember Gibson's where you bought the best for less. It was the precursor to WalMart and KMart franchise business, and you had one in brownwood, Stephen vitamin are wells. And when I was in college. My father would always worry that we did not get enough. Toys for his grandchildren, my sister's kids, and of course, he and my mom had already gotten a trove of gifts, but every Christmas Eve for about five years and his store would close six o'clock on Christmas Eve, the let the employees go be with their families, but about nine thirty or ten o'clock on Christmas Eve after dinner. My father would have a few drinks and say we didn't do enough. We've got to go get more presence. So we would go to my father's Gibson store in brownwood, and we would open the store up and have to turn the burglar alarm off. So the police wouldn't come. We'd have turned on the lights, and we would go my brother, and I would go and best big baskets with my father. He would say get that get that get that get that for my nieces and nephews one night, Johnny. You'll love this story. We were doing that ten o'clock ten thirty on Christmas Eve, we thought we turned off the burglar alarm..

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