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Lucan Senator Rob Portman about the risks of a deal that the president might not support. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm Rachel Martin. The Senate breaks with the president on Syria voting against any move by the White House to quickly remove all U S troops today. The Trump administration is expected to announce the US's withdrawal from the pack that has been a centerpiece of superpower arms control since the Cold War. And on story Corp ascend remembers his father, the good the bad and music. It's Friday the first rapper big BOI from Outkast turns forty four years old today. The newscast is coming up next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is expected to announce today that the US is leaving nineteen eighty-seven arms control treaty. The Trump administration alleges Russia has been breaking the treaty. It's a complaint. Previously made by the Obama administration. New court documents are showing more information on the alleged origin of the US opioid crisis. Martha bebinger of member station. WB you are told NPR's morning edition that prosecutors have brought a case against Oxycontin maker Purdue pharma and the Sackler family, which owns the company. This is a lawsuit. That was filed by the Massachusetts. Attorney general Maura Healey. She is claiming that Purdue and the Sackler is marketed the opioid drugs as safe even though they knew the risk of addiction and in doing so did help 'cause the opioid epidemic, Martha bebinger reporting NPR has learned that a scientist in New York is conducting experiments aimed at editing. The DNA in human embryos NPR's. Rob Stein has details. The scientist deeter Egli of Columbia University isn't trying to create any gene editing babies. A scientists in China sparked international outrage recently when he announced he had created the world's first gene edited babies Egli says he's just trying to do the basic laboratory research necessary to see if editing the genes in human embryos can work and is safe to maybe someday prevention diseases, he stopping any of his edited embryos from developing so he can study them, but critics worry this kind of research could encourage more scientists to go rogue many scientists, however say such basic research is crucial rob Stein, NPR news. The government's latest monthly jobs report is due out in about half an hour NPR's Windsor Johnston reports some economists expect the January unemployment numbers to reflect the partial government shutdown the shot. Down left hundreds of thousands of federal employees furloughed, but because they will receive backpay they'll be counted. In the payroll survey as employed, but economists are split on a separate household survey. Gus Moshe is the chief economist at PNC financial services in that survey federal government workers who were furloughed will be counted as temporarily unemployed so I do expect to see an increase in the unemployment rate in January two four point. Oh percent. But with those workers coming back on the job, I would expect we'd see the unemployment rate fall again in February though, she predicts US employers will add about one hundred sixty thousand jobs in January that's coming off a stronger than expected unemployment report in December Windsor Johnston. NPR news New Jersey, Senator Corey Booker says he's running for the democratic presidential nomination Booker posted the news to Twitter today. He becomes the fourth sitting US Senator to run for president. You're listening to NPR news from wash. Beginning this month of boy scouts of America will begin calling themselves scouts BSA and create a program for girls to earn. The rank of eagle scout. Katie Blackley of member station. W E ASA reports from Pittsburgh more than seventy six thousand girls nationwide signed up for scouts last year when the program for younger children cub scouts became co. Ed, you're gonna station is now forming single-sex troops for older girls. Sharon molds with the laurel highlands council. Says girls aren't Suzy ask about joining. They're excited about having the opportunity to do a third brothers do or the other boys. Do I think a lot of them what we're seeing as they just wanna be eagle scouts girl. Scouts USA sued over the name change scouts BSA say allowing girls is more convenient for families with increasingly busy schedules. And that girls showed an interest in the organization's activities for NPR.

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