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This is a long long time ago but she was she was staying at a hotel that i worked at back then while she was making the movie fact totem which starred matt dillon i don't think it was much of a movie or anybody ever saw it but anyway she would she would come in late every night because you know 'cause i don't know i guess they make movies late right there filming at night or something and so i i always i mean i get to know people pretty well who who keep late hours you know that's and so we i don't know kinda became friends or whatever i mean we hung out a couple of times but i mean so anyway when they she's complaining about something and i says i says you know you don't have any problems that a that a good bowl of ice cream wouldn't solve and she says to me she says so do you guys have some good ice cream places in minneapolis and i got a big smile on my face and i said i know a couple of great ice cream places and then we'd just sit there and stare at each other for probably only a couple of seconds but it seemed like about ten minutes i said you know that's the part where you say gee dwayne maybe you should take me one of those ice cream places and she said she didn't say anything all she did was she just like kind use their fist and just gave me the shoulder push like that's so cute like god bless you for trying she didn't even say she just reached out just like not really punched me but kind of like with the just pushed by shoulder it was a nice try that is a swing and a miss would you hit houston said okay that's gonna leave a bruise he said right there yeah i know i gotta ask us that from the movie to now now i picked up along the way it's actually what what i think of comments similar to that when the with the i think of john candy in space balls that's gonna leave a mark i love that movie i'd never seen that movie until hammer told me but yes he asked me if you've ever seen space balls and i said.

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