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Here's your host. Tim Hanley Well God and not forgotten however. And that's what we're here for of course and Way Welcome to the proceedings. My name is Tim Hamlin and this is of course. Good seats still available. It's are are curious little podcast that is devoted to what used to be in professional sports. What a what a quintessential franchise we have for you this week? And and it's also one. That's an incarnation. We don't just focus on defunct things here on this little show. We we like to focus on things that used to be previously incarnated. And that's this week's focus as we get into the original story of what is today the Arizona Cardinals. They got their start way back. When during the founding of this crazy thing called the national football league and they were those the Chicago cardinals from one thousand nine hundred twenty the earliest just days of the the beginnings of the NFL Until their demise or actually their their shift after the nineteen fifty nine season from the great city of Chicago to the equally great city of Saint Louis where they were these Saint Louis football cardinals in their second iteration for bunch years. That's for another show. Oh before they moved to a Phoenix and became the Phoenix and then Arizona cardinals. But if you consider yourself a cardinals football fan you know I I question your sanity was as you look at the history of this franchise one of the oldest and actually I think the oldest consecutively run franchises in all of the National Football League. It's cargo cardinals have scoggins well. A cardinals generally the entire history of the franchise has been. Shall we say Bereft of much playoff or championship. Success matter of fact they've only won a couple of championships and that was years and years ago before arguably the modern NFL NFL sort of came into into being yet. Nineteen forty seven and nineteen forty eight. Were really the Halcyon years of the team. And that's when they were actually located in Chicago and that's kind of our focus this week with our guest Joe Ziemba who has arguably written the quintessential thome about the the Chicago version of these cardinals. Call when football was football the Chicago cardinals and the birth of the NFL and again it is one of the oldest if not the oldest consecutively consecutively run franchises in the League in its history and as you heard in that little setup there pat summerall and a few other players from the Chicago cardinals. Days woeful is a is a good word comical slapstick These are all words curious. Inventive so you know. These are all sort of adjectives. Used to describe this team that For many years actually their entire Most of their run not the entire room but just about all all of it was pretty much played in the shadows of the the bigger stronger and obviously the longer term more successful. Although although this season we could argue the case Chicago bears and the cardinal certainly had their days against the bears They often won a few view. Battles Cross town battles Usually late in the season but of course more often than not lost the the long-term wars when it came to the better record curtain the better attendances and all that kind of stuff to their neighbors From the north and the cardinals though of Chicago were a very interesting and and fun and sometimes quizzical lot. We're GONNA get into some trouble hijinks and the interest interest the interesting intricacies. Frankly If you really go back even to the the AH prior years before the NFL's founding the Chicago cardinals were Oh really Even more important I think than the bears or a lot of other teams even the ones that start in the NFL because they were part of the Chicago football scene gene the pro football scene in in the windy city That preceded the NFL. I remember that You know the the pro football game really wasn't the the thing until not even after the. NFL got started took years to kind of GEL. We talked about many previous episodes. But there were you know much like Baseball in the eighteen eighteen. Seventy eight hundred eighty s the rumblings of how a sport professionalized itself from the ranks amateurs and in particular college football which is all all the rage back in the teens and twenties and thirties took a long time for the NFL to ascend to It's a dominant professional firmament in the sports landscape ended up the cardinals the Chicago cardinals were instrumental in. Very seminal in all of that we're going to get into all of that as well as their shall how we say very curious years in the great city of Chicago with our guest Josie Emba and the Chicago cardinals. The football cardinals of the Abuts nineteen twenty to nineteen sixty or so and we get to that in just a moment's time but before we do so we want to say hello and welcome to one of our long time sponsors and one of our best of course and that's our friends at streaker sports streaker sports dot com is the place to go to enjoy just about all of the fun and interesting garb. That streaker sports has they fancy themselves as the purveyor of sports culture and once you go to the site at streaker sports dot com. You will understand why they say that and And with authority because you'll find shirts caps and all kinds of other shorts. They've got a great shorts short collection but all rooted in Fun Sports Culture stuff and of course the stuff that we love especially the defunct leagues remembrances and if you're a fan of the World Hockey Association or the American Basketball Association The good old North American soccer league any of the indoor or hockey leagues like Like roller hockey international about indoor Lacrosse old major indoor Lacrosse league the predecessor to today's National Lacrosse League and even the USFL USFL on the WFL from the realm football. These are all.

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