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So i like true. You girls are a bunch of women my husband. My husband is very handy. Jewish bob vila. I shared that. Yes i give give he. He's good he smart tail. I like it but he's not a doctor. Yeah which. I could use also every once in awhile back goes. We'll be right back. I want everything. Being at team superstars set the scene for molly ringwald to raise a team of her own. And how does she feel about her daughter following in her footsteps. She's live on the view next actor singer writer. The lovely molly ringwald is no stranger to the life of a teenager. She's been one. She's plagued one many times and she's a mother to a few of them both in real life and in her work on the new netflix film. The kissing booth three. We loved her. Then and now please welcome to fabulous molly ringwald. Hello molly thanks for having me. Thanks for being here molly. Now we've been talking about. The olympics in simone biles stepping back to take care of her mental health. You became famous as an actor at a young age and there was a lot of attention on you. Simone spoke to the pressure. The attention on her can bring. Can you relate to what she's saying. Oh absolutely i can relate..

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