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If you believe that we talked about smoking pot and drinking beer as well as her marriage to james brolin and wait till you hear what her son jason. Gould gave her during the pandemic plus his streisand getting ready to direct and star in another movie. Quite possibly a one thing. We won't be seeing anytime soon. A barbra streisand pimp. But before we get to this very intimate conversation let's take a look at this week's just for variety column. If you haven't seen pray away yet please take some time to watch this fascinating documentary about exodus. International disgrace gay conversion therapy organization. That imploded when several of its leaders came out as lgbtq and denounce the group's practices director christine stolen. A kiss tells me that she was inspired to make the film by her late uncle who sent a conversion therapy because he identified as transgender. She said he never came to terms with who he was. So i think it would be a really hard film for him to process. This is a strange reality to live with. Because i made the film out of grief and love for him she added. I would happily trade this film for his life pray away produced by ryan murphy and jason plumb is available on netflix. Welcome back to just variety. Here's oh my god. I'm still in my night in mark. i'm talking to bother stars in her nightie war. Because i love being in my bed i ride my best. I watch television in my bed. I yeah so as that as that the silver lining of the pandemic and quarantine that you got to just hang out in bella play record on an ipad. Wow yeah yup yup yup good for you. You deserve to be in bed when you want to be in bed. Yeah it's it's nice. I have yes i have well i should have some. I think i'll drink my juice. Do do do the dogs. Get in the bed with you. You don't let him in the bed. Of course i let them in my that. I can't wait for them to be in my bed. They take their naps in my bed. I don't understand people who say no. I cannot my dogs in the bed. it's the best. Why would consider dogs in the bed. They're like your family. They're like you're just so let's talk. Release me to. How does barbara figure out. What's in her vault and what she wants to put on this album. I mean i imagine you have hundreds and hundreds of tracks possibly be on it. Probably but i rely on my my an our man. Jay landers who goes to the board and listens to a lot of things and picks out things that he thinks. I'm going to like most of which i do. And some of the my forgot that i recorded like rainbow connection. How do you forget that you recorded a song with kermit. The frog of all people of all things. I don't always is your person. What does he. What did he tell me that he told me. You know there are a lot of people that you've done duets. With what year was that. I forgot That he said to me but you know you never recorded with kermit the frog glee for my son who was fan of the muppet movie and watch sesame street. And he loves us. Jason remember that you recorded it or no one knowing that any clue that this was in your vaults no he he remembered it. Yeah he did said. I did this for you learning. And what do you mean when you accord with. Commodore you literally recording with kermit or as you like spicing it together..

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