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But we're, we're working on the frames while I was there in the frames are the main supports that hold the outside Bill that creates shape the boat and they're what hold the planking on the outside and the the inside walls of the boat and holy cow, if you think that I do a lot of work, this project is incredibly complicated and it huge, yes, to make eight four. Eight frames in each frame is has two sides to it. So there's actually a hundred. Hundred seventy six actual frame cutouts hefty made. And each one of these has to be cut out of live oak and they're all this wild curving flowing shapes. So they have to be cut on a band saw, but not only that at each frame, the all had become a Bevill because the ones closer to the front of the boat, the the prow of the boat comes in and the ones the closer on the sides have to be pretty close to ninety degrees, but not only is there a Bevill on the size of all the frames, but the Bevill is progressive. So at the bottom of the boat, it might only it might be, you know, one or two degrees off, but then by size it might be as much as twenty degrees off. So as you're cutting the band, saw the head of the bandsaw saw needs to lean progressively as you go through the cut. So as you're moving through the cut, the head has to be rotating to create that angle. And so it might start out at one or two degrees. And then halfway through the cut be down at like ten fifteen degrees, and then farther out at comes back up and it's just this amazing process. Definitely. Gotta go take a look at it, but it's if you look on on YouTube for tallyho come up attends insane. How do you control that? How do you? Is it like a well? He has a hundred year old ships. Aw, that is the one of the coolest pieces of work ever seen. Like, imagine you know, met Cremona 's band sawmill take that bigger wheels on it. Turn the head ninety degrees. So it's now a band saw and then put a put that whole thing on a rotating contraption and then put in a table that's like six foot by four foot. That's all solid cast iron. And that's the band saw. And so it's actually he has. It's so big that he's dug out about two feet into the ground to lower this into the ground and it still another ten feet up. So the table can be a kind of working height. It's incr-. Credibly, massive and totally cool, but a lot of fun to play with. That's crazy. That's that sounds really cool though. Days out there that was it was it was a lot of fun. And if anyone likes anything with boats or woodworking or history, it is a phenomenal channel and at eight he is exploding. He's only been on there for about a year and he's like, eighty thousand subscribers ready. So his average views are hundred thousand or more. That's crazy. I was. I did my patriot Skype Burr Google hangouts thing Esther day, and you guys know Johnny bilges..

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