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You Jay powers for FOX News Radio. Thank spending a few moments with seven s country star extraordinaire, I just put that on there. I think I think it's true. I'll take it. I'll take it. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you for having me. Appreciate it never been here before. I'm well this see this is just going to be the first visit that means they'll be more of them. 'cause I always invite. And he says yes, ma'am off. He's definitely coming back, y'all. I'm telling you right now. Let's talk a little bit about your new single, call your, mama. I gotta tell you. It made me feel really guilty. Everybody. Tell you this. Totally. Call my mom. I was just a it's a good thing though. It's an it's an upbeat little little thing. That says, hey, by the way. Well, I actually got I got the idea for because my mom was guilt trip on me. We will do that. She will. So she takes me one day. I was I was driving in a music road to write a song. And she takes me like a couple of times in a row your mama karma karma. And so naturally, I kind of freak out. You know, like anybody would like is everything. Okay. And and my mom just wanted to talk about some, you know, small town drama stuff. And that you know, all moms have they just want to like get off their chests and feel like they need to. And so anyway, it was right around the time that we went through least my grandma and my dad lost his mom. And when you when you lose a grandparent, it affects you, but almost more. So like it affects you by looking washing your parents go through leasing their parents because it makes you really think. And so I ended up really thinking about it. And I wrote down what my mom takes me as a song, title and one day. I sat down with my buddy, Michael hardy, and we wrote it, and it was the fastest. I've ever written a song didn't like thirty minutes. Just kind of came out. And anyway, so yeah, that's how I was written. Does your mama have have half of the publishing on this? Deadly. I'm not trying to guilt. You know, she the first time. I actually the reason I cut the song recorded the song was because I was in the UK a meta namedrop on you. But I was opening for little big town of their on their on their tour that actually does have something to do with the song. It does. Yeah. So it all kind of ties in valleys over their opener for a little town. And my mom was out our military kids. So we kind of have friends and family all over the world, and my mom was visiting military friends over there. And so she came out and one of my shows and just written song says I'm going to surprise my mom and play the song cusak. So I play the saunder in the set, and I guess caring and Kimberly were listening from backstage or side stage or something like that, you know. And so when I got home I said that not a walk off stage. And Karen and Kimberly kind of pulled me aside, and they're like, hey that call your mama song you played you definitely need to keep playing that the rest of the tour. Karen and Kimberly are two lead singers a little big time. So yeah. And also my heroes. So anyway, so. So you kind of got to do it the boss lady say so I kept playing this on the rest of the tour. And then yeah, like, we just I mean, the reaction we saw to it was just like kind of growing and growing. And so when I got back to Nashville decided to record the song. And then I kinda was just like, you know, it would make the song veteran little big town wanted to sing harmonies on it. So I kinda was like, you know, what do I got though is? I'm just going to go ask him. So I just asked them if they want to be apart, and they so graciously did. And so yeah, now, I have a song with little big town on it, which is pretty wild. It still to even saying the sentence, but you know, to have so my heroes singing harmonies with me. Yeah. It's pretty cool. This is not the first huge thing. You've you've had happen at all. You are doing with Dylan Scott. Yes, ma'am. And she and he has he cut one of your songs last year hooked. Yeah. Hooked. Yeah. That was a that was a big deal. I think I just saw somebody sent me. It was like the seventh most played song last year something like that which is in country music, which. Wild. But yeah. So that that song actually has a pretty funny story too. So they put me in the room one day right with this. This new guy it was at this. Australian writers retreat day, and there's this new guy named Morgan Evans who knew nothing about other than he had just made from Australia, and he was dating Kelsey Ballerini. And so anyway, so by the way, if you're if you're keeping up with the tote board at home on the namedrop and Robin. Running tally ahead killed me. So anyway. Yes. Kelsey add this song out called Peter Pan. Which is you know, went on to be a huge song. So I was like how about we? Write software you called hooked. And it's okay. He didn't think is funny either. But anyway, so we started the song. And and then I gave it to my good, buddy. Dylan Scott who ended up recording it and then. Yeah. Like a year later it became this big song. And I'm definitely really pumped about it. So I told him on tour. I'm going to open and close my set with it. So. It's a fast pace little thing. It is. Yeah. You got a lot of words jammed in. There is definitely a lot of words. I don't even I feel like that was that one was fast too. It's funny. Like when you, you know, songwriter, sometimes you spend like days or weeks or months or whatever on one song. And then sometimes the ones that are the ones that hit are the ones that like, you just kinda don't think about and you just right? So me tell you if you if you all heard the song, go listen to it. It's called hooked Dylan Scott has a hit with it. Obviously. And it is the Gilmore girls script of country music songs because there's eleven hundred words in there is, but it's just it's peppy. It is it is one of those kind of things you just you can't help. But like tap your foot or thank you. Around. But that's nice move around. It's a fun little song. Thank you. You mentioned that you had kind of grown up with friends all over the world, and and see in different places and being in different places. How has that shaped who you are as a songwriter? Oh, man a ton. I think you know, musically. I kind of grew up with, you know, friends from all over the world and not just, you know, the south or whatever I grew up with friends that, you know, obviously, I'm Georgia's my home, and where my family's from. So I kind of have that country influenced, but I grew up with friends who listen to hip, hop, pop and all sorts of different stuff. And so when I make music as kind of like a hodgepodge of all that put together. So. Yeah. What are you? What are you? Listen to you on a on a random eclectic playlist that Seth butts again. And by the way, I saw the Spotify wins with all the call songs. That was pretty cool. Yeah. What do you? What do you have on your on your most played list, man? It's everything I have another playlist. It's like songs that set the jams tiered says jams or something like that. But it's like if you go look at that. It's like, it's literally all over the place. I listen to everything. Give me some names. Let's see. I love J Cole. I love Miguel a lot. I mean, let's see Taylor swift. Of course, maroon five I'll listen to I feel like I'm naming nightmare country people. I love Florida Georgia line tour with them. It's not a requirement. That's right. Yeah. I mean, I'm litter. I'm all over the place. I love it. All I like old stuff like Elvis, and the Beatles. And you know, so a lot of different influences. Totally when you you mentioned uh sitting down and writing is that is that the best way. He's the most creative way that you come up on song ideas, or I mean that seems really stressful to put you in a room and go, okay. It's kind of weird. Like, I always think about that. Like, how does that even work? It's so weird. Sometimes you going rooms with people, you don't even know and you're meeting for the first time, and you literally or like getting so deep and personal with them, you know, within like in just like a three four hour span. But no for me writings like, it's kind of a blessing and a curves because I can't I can't shut it off. And so it's like, I'm always thinking about things if I hear anything if if you say something in this podcast that makes me think of an idea title. I have this no on my phone, and it's just like ideas and titles, and I always will get it out. And if you ever see me on my phone somewhere, I'm probably doing that. I'm probably writing something down for a song ID or something. So and then when I get in the room with these people are sometimes right by myself. I'll bring up these ideas, and you know, we just kind of roll with one has anybody ever been like have a conversation with you. And and they've been like, okay, don't use this in a song. Don't is off limits. More don't even know or they'll be like save it for me. Like if we if we're talking we're both songwriters. They'll be late. And we say something like, oh, that'd be a sick song titled. Then they'll be like, hey, put my name next to it must ride it together. So that's pretty cool. Yeah. It's a pretty cool thing. A lot of songwriters and everybody has a different like process. Similar like, no. I would never I I'm not good with the whole city down in a room. You know, like a writer like eight hours a day or anything like that. It's gotta come naturally. Like, you know, spur of the moment showers. I'm totally I mean, and sometimes I think it is healthy for at least for me. And what I've found is like even when I don't have anything to still sit down and like force myself to write. I think is a good exercise is to like, you know, put your brain through that. And I think that's what songwriting is just like any other thing. You know, the more you do it the better you get. And so I try to force myself just like when I was a little kid taking piano lessons. Just because I hated it. Didn't mean I didn't still have to sit down and force myself to do lessons and stuff. So. Social media is that you on your are you doing that? Or is there a team? It's me it is it is it is. And I'm looking around the room at your team and. Don't do this man. This is bad. No. I like I've tried to get better at it's it's weird because I try to get better social media because I know I'm not the best at it. But at the same time like I want to be like in the moment of live and let live in life and stuff, and I sound like totally hippy right now, I wanna live in the moment. But no, it's it's definitely meals social media. I can vouch he is not wearing flannel. And does not have a man bun. That's right. When is there going to be a certain point that you kind of have out there in the horizon someplace in your like when when I when I do that. I know I'm going to have made it I'm going to be as far as I dream of going. And is there any kind of moment like that out there for you? I mean, I definitely have like bucket list things, you know, like, I gotta play Royal Albert Hall when I was onto a little big town. And that was definitely one of them..

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