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Captain Mike. and is powered by rich Jennings Tampa Bay is we used to call it many many many years ago I was reminded that sometime this week when on email the boat chin beating forecast from captain Mike. well then that goes way back but get Mike being the host of real animals that sorry E. L. animals and captain Mike has got the motion beating forecast for the weekend right harder over her girls number of depends on the weather man really I mean. the recall for pretty windy conditions here this morning but I came across this guy would bridge early and it's a little breezy out but I don't think it's quite as bad as what they would call for help it's supposed to be worse tomorrow and pretty breezy alternatives fund that so you know you definitely need to take a good look at that before you make your your boating players I think you'll be able to squeak insipid shore stuff but it looks like all supposed to be pretty pretty well for the weekend you better off going out early captain Mike going out later just kind of playing it by ear well you're gonna have to watch that weird it doesn't look like. you know I talked to a guy trying to book a trip for Thursday or Friday yesterday you know he was like whoa security better every part of the day it doesn't look like you're for the better it looks like it's gonna blow pretty you know but again our weather people are sometimes not totally accurate so well you know I don't know if there's a better time to go this weekend the outgoing tide is reporting well that water dogs are pretty good about moving waters always a cheese sauce in my opinion that you're going to try to push the wave your street you know try to push it in the morning that's probably going to be your best but we had a great couple of days this week job mackel showed up on the beach a hassle because while yesterday we were able to sit out there sharks that's what express Rachael so it was kind of a fun relaxing trip but you know there's still a lot of records for apurva berry with since the contract is a total let's this right now which we haven't seen the last couple years so other than the wind it should be a pretty good with javascript keep your it'll have a budget bill do anything too crazy with girl talk about our with Dr and you are hooking sharks republics were short sword yesterday whatever you get a lot of your politics your macro. like the the biggest feeding on very Chris on the surface the sharks tend to hang out below them to kind of clean up the bastion of that's what happens when you're out there mackerel fishing you'll you'll tugs conflicts of those little spinner sharks and they they scare your customers. a lot of fun actually. I can imagine. as Jeff and play the jaws theme yeah. our system not quite that they're not quite that. the little skinny little shards or yet durable little. okay after Mike Anderson host of real animals that's our E. E. L. animals at real animals dot com and he's got his weekly fishing report on Saturday mornings at six A. M. when you can hear real animals and captain Michael talk to you later Felker got some great region thank you and let's go to the news room down Chris track man a delta flight crew is drawing praise after a scare force their flight to divert to Tampa the flight from Atlanta was on its way to fort Lauderdale when oxygen masks were suddenly deployed in the plane was forced to land a Tampa International delta blames the problem on a cabin pressurization irregularity no one was hurt and passengers tweeted out great the flight crew was for keeping everyone call a poll county mothers ever to learn more about a school beating involving her son appears to be going nowhere Lauren Springfield address the county school board to discuss an incident last week at Blake academy in which her twelve year old son was attacked Springfield wants to know what kind of punishment was handed down to the attacker the school says the state law prevents.

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