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That's fantastic so that that's will own gung. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cures to anyone can sign up for retreated. Are these like single day retreats they introductory kind of Intro Zan retreats like what type of Retreats Are you doing? Yes. We have them most of them amongst day and not the Zen Zen is kind of on the menu but as A general mindfulness and meditation practice. But the tools will usually lean a little bit in the sense side. But the Typically full days and you kind of. Choose how much you WANNA do We have a main block from nine am just resigned PM, but as also only block from. Lake blocking evening. You just you just do what you want. So people the the the attendance fluctuates because you know. Tends to kind of concentrate more around the morning tool time ten am and then. And time the. Two. PM. Vessel mounted tied by the way. And, you know definitely a tendency to. Gather a bit around those times but. You, know the there. It's a free for will you come? Goes you like and you pay what you like we have a suggested donation but Beijing anybody can come. And contribute whatever they can. That's great and that's all at mountain cloud dot org. Yes. Correct. Excellent will henry. Thank you so much for being on the show this like super fascinated I'm excited to get to the arrest yearbook and I actually what we were chatting I like bought that that book of Cohen's so I've been like. You have me like she let me go my recent orders. As you were mentioning things I was taking notes So I got the gate lift gate coming. Oh Hey. Can I recommend another book? Yes. Please do is cool zen the authentic gauge. By yarmulke. Coat a Ko you. And that is carbs introductory book to Allot what I've been toolkit from that the math of training in sambo. Fantastic. That's what I'm looking for a that will be the best one again if I were. Okay. Great. Will. Thank you so much. Oh Man. Thank you. So of marshes own drilling size in you know. Humbled to be on your show I. Really think it's terrific by the way. Thank you. You've just incredible and I'm ready on the among them. Thank you. Thank you are that is it for this episode I really hope you enjoyed it and if you did please head on over to the tune store or Google podcasts wherever you're getting your podcast and give us a five star review, it'd be much appreciated and of course, if you really liked this episode in particular shared around with your friends be well as for now see soon..

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