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Karlie Kloss nasty blind item it's nasty nasty all right Colleen and sunny try to solve this nasty blind item mystery really some of the recent interview between this famous police agency and the disgrace actor dealt with two under age residents of that country who had nothing to do with the actor but everything to do with the royal who was present at the same time as the actor when it happened okay so I want you to think about a famous police agencies Gavin yard yes give yourself a day good good I had sold my mama just told me this weekend it is a famous police it is the really universe just came together so doing for the Scotland Yard okay now we have to think about a disgrace after and we have to think about a royal I think this is Kevin spacey's the disgraced actor day okay and then the oil yes now we have to think about a royal now I'll give you guys some hints this royal is a member of the British royal family is this royal in line for the throne I don't think so and if they are in line for the throne it's pretty deep on the bench okay all right I will tell you that if you're going to well we'll get into it let's just solve this person now this person has a couple of daughters who are royal and a famous ex wife prince Philip no I mean what's his name that fill up for ease yeah Joseph J. come jolly and I was just going to go through all kinds of names.

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