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It was a little bit more knock down drag out stuff in. It was more physical game nowadays, it's wide open. And everybody's shooting a three it feels like if you go to the hoop. You're not gonna end up on your rear end. It's it's a different NBA. And now as far as scoring goes, I would expect him beat average more than Kim allies one. But it's a different NBA. And if he stays healthy he's going to be a great player is going to be up there. Let's just start with Patrick Ewing. I mean Embiid hasn't played hint got to a conference final. How about we wait a little bit? God we want to hurry. So quickly to have a coronation. Patrick Mahomes is a wonderful player. Boy, it'd be a crime if he's not a hall of Famer can we use the same analogy here? I think he's played one great year. How about we put a couple together here, the mclovin, you know, the thing on joke it, and this might be this might be the most unfair thing I'll ever say, but how many European stats stuffing centers? Do we see win fifty games and go out in the second round of the playoffs? There's like six of them like, Richie and bound Tunis. Like, I don't know. I got to see him win in the playoffs. I don't for some reason he doesn't scare me against like view. Joe kitchen, the Sixers and you had him beat on the nuggets. And what are we talking about? I don't think it Embiid sets the the tire defense on that team. But but what would you do in Denver? He it'd be nice player. I think both teams would be very similar spots. I don't think I could replace Jokic on the Sixers and take away Embiid, then they're equal. You're saying the teams would be probably the same right now. But I think Embiid has a higher upside because. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he has the ability to do things that not a lot of big men can do. Well, I think a guy like joke. It's he's got to prove he can win a playoff series. Impede be beads. Gotta prove that he can stay healthy. But to say, it's a crime. If he doesn't end up on the crates. I of all time his point was his that kind of talent which you've always separate see does. She has wonderful talent incredible talent his footwork is unbelievable for a guy that big he's on the ground like seven times a game. I don't really worries. Yeah. He's a little bit reckless. We'll take a break here. We'll talk to Seth Davis. Seth tweeted out something yesterday. He might want to take it back because he's talking about this college basketball corruption scandal, the trial that's going on. And he said, you know, maybe college basketball is cleaner than what we thought. No, I don't think. So I think it's still dirty. Whether you're these guys get popped or not and is Shawn Miller in trouble does Shawn Miller coach again at euro-zone whether he's guilty or not feels like with his name being dragged through the mud here. I wonder if he's going to be able to continue coaching. So we'll talk to Seth Davis want to do a pit stop with him. We'll take a break here. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address TPS, Dan, Patrick dot com. It's twenty two after the.

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