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So i mean this is a podcast i wish we didn't we can describe where we all can describe it year we'll try to i would you describe because this law elements basically wherein and these helps enemies still day slash museum africa this is is everything from uh a film posters to own joke shops as law but what did the call us bobby charlton's evolved poll abbaba poll yeah which is in the bombshell for the top there have been mack since twenty cuddle ninety will miss this year's a closedown outlet moved to actually but they change that poland's guy impasse news like john lewis should give you here tops following have mahathir up than the shaved thermal wedding day did yeah yeah i'll on exemptions and hemisphere a of lovely but i guess this room it source of law in santa my ahead offing rarely because it's not signed from family it's the sole things the all of my eggs which a films muggy icc majet hara and quite lawsuit with jewish comedy stuff is will naturally total section iv of that in two ways because he does a lot of stuff in this room it does look quite old itit's it's probably we've got a lot of stuff generally we also collect terry obsessive eight only this is probably of all the rims in the house is probably the most awarded jacques in lima hands on most things that i know i know they on and i was sections there all as well yeah are you quote meticulous without you like things that are there are will obey not super meticulous book.

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