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And look at a wax me. I think they prefer it to the real me. How are we going to get this done? Well, you tell me do we have your permission to at us to the wax museum? Yes. You do. But I'm curious how you going to get a wax figure of me where my first my second request comes in you want me to make the wax figure. Well, would you? I'm sure that this is what an honor. I want to say what an honor. The you have said, you will put a wax statue of me in your museum as long as I make it and shipping, Hugh. Hugh, rare on her for me. If you can't do that. If it's not within your expertise. We would love to send our artists down to LA to get your match mental probably two hours of your time to get all your measurements done in take hundreds of pictures of you to make sure we have the best wax figure of kinda know Bryant in our museum. Let me be Frank with you. I don't need this to be that good. I think your standards are higher than mine. Do you have at Tilda Swinton? 'cause I looked just like her all you have to do is put a heat lamp on the face get it a little soft and mush it up a little so it's not it's it's sort of a square face and not as attractive, and you've got Conan O'Brien, and you can just leave the dress because there was two years of my life where I were dress. So that you have until the Swinton we don't okay, do you have a seer show Ronin? She's an actress right now, you can do the same thing. A little heat lamp on the face mush it up a bit. I pretty much have the same body as those two attractive women, and you've got your Conan O'Brien does that work. I'll con Il has to be you. If we put something else, there is a statue of me, a wax statue. And I hate to mention a competitor. And I know you like to imagine that they don't exist. Madame toussaud's in Hollywood has a Conan that they made in two thousand ten. I've seen him. I actually just went on my honeymoon to LA am I saw your Wexford their excuse me picture with it excuse me, you run away museum and on your honeymoon. You went to the other wax museum. I did that is so sad. You want to I did online honeymoon? I took my wife to talk show island where you get a desk. And you interview guests for six days in a row. Just why? No is it Boston figures that are in your wax museum. We have some because I heard you there, and I was like, wait. Did he grew up in Roxbury? Yes, we have Elvis to what other celebrities. Do you have tell me? Well, we have Tom Brady. I know he's not from Bosnia. He's he's he should be there foul. So basically, my face is pretty much identical to his. So why are you? Sorry, nor I really do. I often think I'm Tom Brady when I walk around people say, oh my God. I can't believe it six Super Bowls, and I go. No, no, no, no. That's Tom Brady. And they're like where's zone. I'm like, please. It's I'm not Tom Brady. I'm brian. So you could put a few freckles on the Tom Brady. And then you've got me what other celebrities. Do you have been Nath lake Bennis often right from Cambridge mad Beeman? Yeah. Yeah. Everyone whenever people say Boston. It's we go Dumond enough. Like, you know, what about other? There are other people from Massachusetts done pretty, well, they even still in movies. I mean that Damon. I thought he was in real estate now. So you only have a few Boston celebrities, and then you have and then you just have lots of other people like the other people we have all the president's right? We have world leaders like the pope and mandatory is the pope's from framingham. His mother Mother Teresa's from Brockton who else. We have the the Queen. She grew up in. She was in Newton north. She ran when I ran track for she was at our track rival at Newton north. She did the two mile..

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