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So when this berry in the bargain Bin, the two, thousand, six film produced by Adt Entertainment and soul eaters production. Yet, had a rotten tomatoes score of thirty percent for the audience score with number of seven hundred and ninety four user ratings, which is not a lot. Not A lot. No. Once again, the critics have taken a rain check on this one. So there are no critical reviews and seventy percent of the users told US movie to go fuck it. So exactly. So it's directed by Steven Munro. Produced by Morris Birger. Stephen Brown Stephen Kennel and Michael Do beco Michael Do Becky Lou beco- a store a screenplay by Philip Day Day di. Musica by Corey, Jackson's and. Blah Blah Blah release date September nineteenth two, thousand six distributed by anchor. Bay Containment. A very short running eight minutes. There's not a lot of story there but. Oddly enough. It had a budget of one point, two, million dollars well in the two thousand and one point two million isn't much for a movie really but we have had some later made movies that have had total, shit budget. Mean, and it showed paranormal activity had like a hundred thousand dollar budget. You know. So this not yeah I mean that's tiny. Yeah. So the movie Lucy what did not suspended on the back of the fucking DVD There's a lot of fucking writing on this. So married, the front quick says somewhere between Heaven and hell. The ultimate evil waits to feed. The back says a bunch of Shit. Good people go to heaven the bad go to hell those in between are. Left in. Darkness. Actually this do that again. When I say when? I say darkness you say with me, we'll do real deep. Okay. Gotcha. All right. Those in between are left in. Dark. A provocative new shocker from the director of House of nine it waits I've never heard of those fucking movies. and. Producers didn't Jake handle. Her mother died in childbirth and she always felt responsible for the tragedy. When her father disappeared, her grandparents raised her. Already fucking bored. As she got older her sense of guilt deeper. On the night of the twenty first birthday Celia played by Monica Akina of Freddie. Versus Jason. Is drugged raped and dies a accidental overdose overdose overdose I was GONNA say teabag. was runner train. On. Any wild. College. FRAT party. For some reason, death is only the beginning. Trap. Wait a minute. They're ripping off mummy lines now. Yeah. Fuck trapped in another world between sanctuary and Damnation Celia, must now battle the demons including whores of horrific sawyers that prowl the afterlife. Assyria can eat a Dick I. think she I think that's how she dies. Token Dick. Is. The spirit of a recently deceased ground. We what? Is this. Is a spirit of a recently deceased grandfather Tim Tom. Tim Thumbers Tho- Merson Fuck of tracers trying to lure her into eternity of suffering. Can Her Guardian Angel played by David Anders of alias? Safely, lead her to the other side and for young woman caught in limbo. Is there any way to go toward light when your soul is left in? Dark. Shattner that shit left in. Darn, is right on. That's that's good. That's going. Yeah. special features, wide screen presentation wonderful making the making of left in darkness. Okay. If we watch it, it's good watch the make enough. Maybe, we'll watch the making of, and then I'll be a paycheck exclusive. Go inside the trenches don't care my twenty. Trailer. Okay. Well, before we get into this, let's go ahead and it. Yes, it sounds like a pretty pretty shitty movie I mean well, I mean what else do we do here? Sir I mean there are a lot. Apparently, we need a life. But I, mean, we we love. God Hell. Yeah we love it I mean all these movies were made by people who were at the minimum mildly passionate about them. Yeah. Put some sort effort into them. So they all deserve at least one viewing. Yep that's what we're here for that is absolutely what we're here for. So we have devised a rating system to dig through the lawman. Genius fucking rating system my friend to dictate a large pile of shit in hopes to find that Golden Nugget. Yes. Now, our rating system is an anniversary in system based on Shit emojis absolutely one, three, five, one being the best five being worse. Now, here are the. Descriptions of the rating system. One, out of five kit emojis those are the new classics into the best of the worst and the ones that are so bad. They're good. Yup. You'll get endless hours of enjoyment under these and you'll watch them over and over. To edify should emojis are almost as bad as the ones but not enough work counts. Watch these only with friends who are really into shitty movies. which if you're like us, you have a lot of those. Yes. Movies in this category are best watch with a group of like to riff or play a drinking game both are fun, and he is not lying folks. It is an absolute blast to have drinking games and rip on Shitty horror movies with your friends. Are. Playing the mustache game. What's the mustache in the mustache? No. Not a mustache ride game sick mother fuckers L. Mustafa Shoe. What you do is you actually cut a mustache piece of paper or you can just create one Kremlin ofo per one. Cut It out and you stick it on a random spot on the screen use a large TV because it makes it a little makes the game a little harder and little. Funny. and then every time a characters face lines up perfectly with the mustache. Everybody takes a drink. It's a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun and of course you can add your own rules. Some people say that okay animals count animals don't count and then you can add like certain degrees of how close it matches it. All depends on what you in the crowd are planet. Feel. But that's right the ton of fun. Don't be pussies. Three hundred five should emojis. You'll watch it only have nothing better to do but prepared to drink heavily while watching though. Alcohol may not be enough and you may WANNA get some conditional like some sticky icky yet little Jamaican, gold as right lil little Jamaicans lamb wool. Shit emojis. Who'll boy his worst starts to hurt? Yeah. These are the ones that they're so strange you'll to want to see him but not more than once and you're gonna WanNa bring friends because you want them to share in your fucking misery. Specially those who have wronged you or you money and you want to make them suffer right fuckers. Yeah pay pay up or wash. It s right. Five of the five who boy, the FICA Cadila. Matter. The worst of the worst the SANDPAPER GLOWNA yes. Handy Only brings special occasion. Let's say your friends are not adhering to social distancing fockers or. You're stuck in an apartment with your ex because broke.

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