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I don't think that they're quite what we anticipated. But I think we're finally at that homes like toward the homestretch who we're going to see what they're able able to offer. Especially so I think the Giants where there is surprise you, but it's not a very no offense, intimidating lineup, but I I really excited to see That Cueto and and Monta matchup only because I'm excited to see you know, like it's a tough lot match up to go up against any of the header site, But I thought I might see what Cueto Khun do against them. Yeah, yeah, not an intimidating Lina put an annoying one. Yeah. Wait, No, we don't know It's weird. What's worse at the end of the day Go giants and a cz. I wonder if you feel this. This probably brought about. I know it did for me as someone who pulls for the Giants like It brought about some of the painful memories of the last Siri's, and I wondered if you know, you realize like if the ayes had just calm down and even maybe give the Giants one of those games where they had a huge lead in the ninth inning, the eyes would still win their division. Nothing would change. But that would have been so huge for the Giants. If you look at the way it's playing out right now. Okay. There are two groups of people. You never tell to calm down, Willard and that women and the eyes, right? No, don't just I would totally. I would totally do it to the A's more than women. So I do know 100% right? Way, way Less scared of the days that I am off all women, Okay, even close. That's not an easy call right there. Right, So I really enjoy it Only because the mark Canada Bay Area guy and watch and hit that at Oracle Park of a place that he grew up and just to watch it happen. That to me was special, so the fact that he didn't want to calm down and those aspects is really cool and every time studies on the field at the same thing, though, can it said it was a memorable homeruns he's ever had. And first one of the ones before that, I think was another Bay Bridge. Siri's battle the Bay and so that stuff I absolutely love. I just love when those two teams go up against each other because I mean, I'm a huge Oracle Park fan. I wish I could cover every single game there. So there's there would be no coming, Dad. But I I appreciate where you're coming from. But I mean, as an athlete, you're going to tell them to cause down. Just relax. Like yes, Calm down. You tell you tell Fernando talkies. Junior that Teo, you're at all like my gosh. He clearly needs to calm down and get to hit almost every time it comes up. Except for the last week, he can't get any Yeah, but is he as he's calm down? He's come down, but I would never say that to you, Jessica. In fact, speaking of that tone, I'd like to read you a tweet that I just got about a half hour now and let you respond to it. This this tweet I just got the Giants are in the middle of a huge playoff push and always Dickensian should not abandon his teammates to go take games off for his wife. Hey, Maybe this is not a real tweet right now. It's not. Yes, it is. Because I don't know if the person is being stupid or serious, or I don't know somewhere in between. I don't know. But, yeah, No, I'm reading. I'm reading actual words that are on the Internet right now. So it's either is somebody being a big troll, which like? Well, you've seen my mentioned like, Yeah. Trust me. I bet you if you ask Dickerson, if he could give birth to the child himself, he would happily do it. He would happily do it, but no I'm just I'm just going to respond to that tweet. No period, then tweets that bell. Perfect. Okay, believe there are actually people I'm going to just just so I could sleep tonight. We're going to pretend that that was not actual tweet that all right? Yeah, no faith. It's totally thick and no one. No one wants you to calm down. Please, just keep being you. And I can't wait to have you on the broadcasters path Zoom next week and Jessica Oh, my gosh, I cannot help. I cannot wait to help you shape the lives of wonderful people. A man like it is anybody just listen to this conversation? I know. They're like those two people should shaped the lives of human futures. Yeah. Yeah, said they would be like, you know, they seem like wholesome, educated human beings bid for that, Jessica have a good night and thank you so much. It's not a problem. Thanks, Mark. There should go. She's the great Jessica Kleinschmidt, NBC Sports Bay Area. Keep it, Pino. Keep it. Red Blend. Those are my two calls as well. Rosa. Not all day. Do not tell her to calm down, okay? Ada. Wait. Knbr is the number We'll get back to your calls Your tax coming up next and still ahead in the 11 o'clock hour. Gabe Kapler on on all of the Ah! The post game comments and all of the thoughts, everything going on with the team. Mauricio du Bon on the podcast Muchmore, the latest on George Kindled. By the way, we'll get to the Niners as well. That's all ahead on the sports later. You.

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