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Monti were just waste time and breeze this can people irritated nino we're already exhausted the two could stop especially when you have people that are in the military that were in the military in high ranking position saying this is going to backfire now this is was not supposed to happen with donald trump because donald trump what are the think one of its hang up away was not on these gender type issues sort of like let that at message get out somehow or other work with some of the she's a prank than they've the jenner kayla jenner thank you i was just kept saying images of pollution pushed in my mind from could seventy six we these box so member that a key legiter was sort of endorsing trump and the world no it's it's similar by the way with our router and his wife diana rider was leading a women know that bush would not be an enemy of that reproductive rights and would not try to impose restrictions on abortions and of course now we have this hp forty fight once again a republican has thrown his police out the window in order to court the far right so what what happened the trump why did he drop his supposedly more tolerant attitude towards exit ships he's just gonna say whatever gets him the head ib i don't i firmly believe that donald trump can give a crap about lgbt the lgbt community i mean that he doesn't like now that he's like i'm not against them but i really think that he's like he doesn't just doesn't care that something that does not come across it's had and when he was campaigning it was great to have caitlyn jenner go into his hotel and use the women restroom and come out and like verbally attacked ted cruz was got ahead in the polls and.

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