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Can you start to show when i'm not in the room yet i as confidence that you have means amazing get back year odd that of course would be a missing trump grow at the controls carried it the phone number as 800 eight o eight one o and i'm kind of curious because i know we saw i saw much of calls coming here during the break um just this is it's a it's a it's a fair question how far would you go two correct to some of the symbolic racism it we have here all the way are you ready to go all the way and you really go all the way because at some point you say i know people are going to say well you know upi malcolm x any by any means necessary that's not exactly friendly language you know uh but in on the flip side is he look at like how long it took the state's aguirre's on it a recognized martin luther king's birthday god authentic that was we are you know i'm a big country you know so we're on are going to be in the same page at the same time i so this is amazing story that in california again we're we're the leader in many times and stories like this and i think it's important for people understand um the if you of college scholarship if you go to a school and you say i'm going to come here and i'll play football for you and you i don't have to pay tuition and i'd bust and i've bus my leg uh pinch my finger and i plus my leg playing for you and you take away my scholarship uh california's new california bill would protect college athletes and the assembly minutes a game rob bonte and the bill is that the matter with the numbers they'll span calls ship protection for thousands of athletes across the state including those who get injured um.

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