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The catholics don't allow divorce has set the church apart from other christian churches in a worldrenowned society where people enter and exit relationship somewhat flippantly the church stood as this prophetic voice cannot do that however there are more than a billion catholics in the wild and most of them don't live in the us more than forty two center in latin america what pope francis an argentinian is himself from the number of catholics in african asia is fast grabbing and the view from elsewhere looks quite different in latin america sexual questions yes are important but so our economic and political stances many places all over the world are now focused on the issue of divorce and remarriage and you can see why i mean if you're coming from a culture where polygamy is customary if you're coming from a country that's dealing with a massive migration crisis then who can receive communion which is a footnote in chapter eight of this very long document doesn't seem as important the talia and tori lee believes many catholics are open to change in church discipline that wild pope francis might have the people on his side it's a long game he's playing the real question is and the way that hopes have effects on the church longterm is in appointing bishops till the question is how many bishops will francis get to a point how many of those will become cardinals who will be among the pool from which we are the next pop that's how folks really have an effect that's how revolution in terms of inside the church that how that happened is the pope catholic those who want to uphold the latter of church teaching might tump that doubts the pope francis his supporters point out that the word catholic means universal all bracing they argue that in reaching out to those have been excluded while at the same time allowing his critics to voice that assent pope francis is not only catholic but the most.

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