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With Jason and Beato, Jason on staycation Ben Clements. Filling in, uh, here we are. You know what it means to get turned up at Clement's turned up. Enlighten me their chemo. Sabi. Enlighten me, Ben, do me a favor when we get off air today, or you know what It's at 50 for show your pops, how to get turned, All right. It's like drinking one of those diet Cokes you get. But you put a little whiskey and Oh, Is that what it is? Turk up turned? Yes. Oh, I know. I'll show you video You're talking about Ezekiel Elliott. That's what you're talking about A red about that today. I don't know what that means. But I'm sure Zeke's gotten turned up in his lifetime is one random drug testing is? You don't know what you see The video, you know, no. Oh, my gosh, It's incredible. He's you know, the kids. Nowadays they play play the video games and they stream. Um, for people that watch all over the Internet. When he does, he does that He was twitching. He was playing. I think for tonight, and I think he is equally and he thought he was off the camera. He and he Oh, no, it's his game, man. I'm faded right now. Oh, man, I turned off my life yet. Now defined faded. What does that mean? I on marijuana high on marijuana or any kind of drug or drunk. Yeah, it's a result of getting turned of edge. Yes, you get up, you get faded as possible. You in a sense, that's amazing. It. It was a complete sentence. When you get buttoned up might get faded, Hilarious video. He's catching some heat about that today from Dallas Cowboy fans. So and and for tonight, you gotta have a camera on help me out of the plane now, Cameron, the face not to play fortnight. But yes, twitches. A. It's like a YouTube or Ah, platform where you can play a video game. And like people can watch your face in the screen at the same time, So you're acting about fans. Okay? These kids you're making thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Video gaming. It's ridiculous. What's my dream? Now? You have your Tuesday night you're going to get turned up faded and you're going to twitch. It's a lot of Ty's going on at Clement's word word looking forward to some basketball, either. Oh, yes. So you know, we read the story today from Adam Silver. Who I think is the best commissioner in sport, I thought would put Adam Silver of the N B. A. And Jay Monahan of the PGA one and two right now. Yeah, Yeah, put, I would put Goodell third and Manfred forth. And maybe I put maybe Is it? Betancourt? The National Hockey League in front of Mandy Hayes gets well, they had you. You hated veto because your hockey guy Hey, man, At least he has a plan. I would I mean, Manfred furred man, whatever the baseball zoo needs to be in dead last. I mean, why even include him on the list? What a clown. Yeah, well, the deal is, Adam Silver said today. Is there monitoring The Corona virus situation. They're still on track to go to Florida with the N BA teams. But he said then he said it today and I think admired for saying it. He admitted. If it gets worse, they may not get to go. They may not pull it off. Hold on pump the brakes first, will let everyone know that the N B A is scheduled to return. We told you about the the season opener of the Games of the teams that will be racing towards the championship yesterday. They've released the schedule, but they're planning And so far, it's just them Soccer and maybe hockey would be in hub cities. But soccer and basketball is going to return at the campus at Disney World in Florida, so he was responding to people like how dare you play sports in a state with, you know an outbreak again and all these positive record cases and he politely and I think very eloquently responded with That's why we're quarantined in a bubble on a campus like I don't think if if his plan works, it wouldn't matter where you are in the country. Correct? Sure, he said. We're testing daily. We haven't put a precise number on it. But if we were to see a large number of cases and see spread in our community That would be, of course, be a cause of a stop as well. But that's why they have devised the bubble where they're going to test the players. And if you are clean if you are clear of the Corona virus, covert 19 You come into the bubble with the staff, the team, the managers, the whatever you're there, and you're going to stay there, and I'm sure they're going to monitor all those Disney people who come in and serve the green bean casserole. You see what the embassy hang to be A Disney world know 1.5 million a day, $1.5 million of that day. My well is that all inclusives that all of the players concierge or is that going to be a whole nother tab? Do you think I think that's just for the To be there for the rest of God. And you know, Adam Silver went on to say, you know, if you leave the campus, you're screwed because you get back in your going to have to go through that 14 day quarantine haven't swab shoved up your nose again and he was also here he is, Adam Silver quoted as saying. I'm absolutely convinced it will be safer on this campus than off campus. Which, Yeah, I'd like to be quarantine on the tea cups with Ed Clements and Ben. They're doing the show Live. Jason could come visit us, He goes on to say, because there aren't many other situations. I'm aware of where there's mass testing of asymptomatic employees. So in some ways, this is maybe a model for how other industries can ultimately open. Well, you nobita. What you say is all well and good, and I believe it. If those players are diligent, and they're smart, but I know a lot of people who are 23 24 25. Who are not that smart. I think that was directed at you. Zone, pop..

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