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Of elections emergency absentee voting plan unconstitutionally widens who can vote absentee in the June primary Virginia Attorney General mark herring says the decision is a huge victory in the effort to protect voting rights during the pandemic there are now plans to have in person classes during the fall semester at the university of Virginia but things will still be very different U. VA is planning to have classes start on time in August but the school says in person instruction would wrap up by thanksgiving to minimize risks associated with travel back and forth to Charlottesville the school still trying to determine how many students it can safely have back on its grounds in its dorms and how many in person classes it can hold given social distancing restrictions larger classes will remain online all semester as well classes taught by faculty who have health concerns and most students will have the option to remain home in the fall and take part in classes remotely John Aaron WTOP news WTOP at six twelve it is a dramatic end to a grim and tragic week the Minneapolis police officer seen on video with his knee on the neck of George Floyd has now been charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd's death the charges followed days of violence in the Twin Cities and controversial tweets by president trump and as the coronavirus death toll in the U. S. passes the one thousand mark make that the one hundred thousand mark president trump is taking aim the World Health Organization and China Washington post Robert constant moderator of Washington week on PBS join me earlier to talk about it all the president since day one of his campaign when he came down that escalator has seized on controversy and division I cover the campaign up close I've interviewed him in the White House and that is his M. O. and for him to come into the rose garden today to talk about his battles with China in the WHL rather than the crisis in Minnesota is not only not surprising to me it's not surprising to the people around him and they believe that this controversy in this tragedy will eventually move on well let's talk about some of what he had to say today about the World Health Organization in China one hundred thousand corona virus deaths in counting what is the White House thinking behind this particular move they continue to put the onus on the stay eight as they re open and they're encouraging businesses to re open across the nation the presidency the economy as the linchpin for his own reelection campaign and so you see throughout the month of may not just today but really the last four weeks the coronavirus task force has seated from the spotlight and you see the president being more focused on the economy there has not been a lot of marking of the one hundred thousand number of Americans dead nor of the forty million Americans out of work also lots of interesting things happened this week what's the most interesting thing you've heard this week what you step back and you think about this campaign for president that's been virtual with the former V. P. as in his basement in Delaware and the president and the White House not at rallies you see today is really a split screen race at the four American conversation in American politics and it reminds me of one biting got into the race what did he talk about Charlottesville and how the president handled that and more than a year later it again race at the tip of of every American Tong in defining this campaign that's the Washington post's Robert Costa he's the moderator of Washington week on PBS you can catch it tonight at eight on TV twenty six the one more note about president trump he was speaking at a corona virus round table today and he approached the death of George Floyd and he says that he has spoken to members of Floyd's family he's also been calling for law and order at the protests on going in Minneapolis first there are protests in other cities across America including here in DC tonight we'll have the latest on that coming up soon let's find out what happened today on Wall Street here's Jeff Claiborne by the close the Dow was down eighteen points with the S. and P. five hundred index gained a half percent money news in ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rest six fifteen Jonathan warning signs of life on the local sports scene the wizards and DC United both starting individual voluntary workouts today the wizards taking place at the entertainment and sports arena in southeast this is NBA commissioner Adam silver said so July thirty first target date to restart the season while most general managers prefer going straight to the playoffs the NHL has already agreed to re starting with an expanded playoffs capitals GM Brian maclellan is all for it existing philosophy here is to try and create a competitive tournament if those years in the beginning or best of five I think you're great a particular needs for status or you know randomness degree Graham's you're either too many teams anyone extract it goes farther realistically I think there is a change of sulfur grass format is the way it is right now twenty four teams with the top four in each conference getting first round byes for the first time a tennis player is the highest paid athlete according to Forbes Roger Federer made a hundred and six million dollars the last twelve months one hundred million that in endorsements soccer players took the next three spots Cristiano Ronaldo the N. L. Messi and Neymar with lebron James fifth John of the Warner W. T. O. P. sports do you see much of the area now begins the process of.

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