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Guys, we gotta have this one up 6 exercise kid duties. Thank you, tami. Oh, do you? Love your information, guys. Keep it up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys for the kind words. You mentioned something about athletics earlier. I did. I had a question because I wanted to know if you were an athlete. I'll take an extra minute. So if you were an athlete, which voice did you do or was your best athletic accomplishment? I mean, baseball. I love playing sports and competing video games. I mean, my best accomplishments, somewhat embarrassing, right? 8 years old, won the little league World Series in the southeast. The beat. That's so sweet. The heart is there. That's cool. Yeah. Yeah. So. Yeah, second and say, wrestling? In high school? No, it was in middle school. Still. Course every 6 to 9 were both wrestlers. So we could yeah, that's really that's really impressive. Yeah, so I mean, I love computers. I love playing sports. I think that's one of the reasons that I mean, I've always thought strategically about things. And especially as it relates to competition. And I think that's certainly quite well inappropriate since. Because we always have this. I don't know about we I always have this thought of like, what's the perfect recipe for like a corporate pressure? What are the attributes that make up somebody that's successful in this space and somebody else? Nods. And one commonality that I've kind of seen again and again is this love of competition and love of sports, love of video games. It just seems to have pop up just over and over again. Yeah, I mean, when you talk like Garrett's story, that's the first thing I thought was like, oh, he just wants to just compete in the moment. You just want to, I would have done the same thing. You smelled another wrestler. I can't do it. I can't be one of those freaking musical chair guys, like man. Whatever. You're gonna sit on my left, you're gonna buy in for 50 K all right, whatever. To figure out how to play better out of position, I guess. Yeah. Oh, that's great, man. I could tell I could hear the competitive spirit and I appreciate it. And for everyone listening, genuinely appreciation support here. Brett, thank you again to thank you great information, guys. And guys, if you have any other questions for Brad, you could lead them in the thread. We'll make sure he gets to those. Now that he's in the Discord, maybe he can answer those if you have any questions you weren't able to get to today. And this replay will be going to YouTube and we'll repost it in our replay section here in the next one. But once again, thank you guys and we're going to get out of here. Take care of it. I was in before. I lost my vlog. We're going to decide this time, Brad. We're going to slide. Thanks. Thanks guys..

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