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How would you like a car that can drive itself one of those autonomous vehicles you don't have to be a computer scientists nor on auto engineer to build a car that can drive itself discovery made by wjr's ken rogulski who reports from the it s convention going on downtown good morning ken good morning dick the intelligent transportation convention continues here at cobo hall it's the latest and the greatest and mobility and connected driving and infrastructure in other words it's a look into the future it attracts corporations universities and local governments but was really eyecatching was what came in the front door unless a car jocularly and her fellow students for northwestern high school in jackson michigan where here they wanted to show off something special that they built themselves is a autonomous jeep that a little kid would drive that we had turned into something that could be driven by itself you mean this little plastic thing that a kid would drive can drive it self just with the push a button come on serious holland did take you to do this a month that's all yep so what can you do can parallel park and it has sensors on it wow so what do you what do you plan to do with this here at cobo today today we're meeting governor snyder and we're showing them how it works how does it work so there's a button within a prison controller that we had gotten and you press the button it will move but it also depends on which code he has into the computer at the moment can it stay in the right lanes you can read the lanes and stay in the lanes now yet what's the proudest thing you are of this thing and what it can do parallel parking that's like the top one some people can't even pill i guess driver's test and what do you wanna be when you grow up.

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