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Love team that you can trust big O. tires dot com I go to the location on second east and south temple I go to the one on highland drive that's where I got my winter tires you should get some winter tires it'll give you some peace of mind when you're driving even what conditions like this if you want winter tires would go to big go and you can get I'm starting at just forty nine ninety nine for winter tires and that's a great deal for now you can you can spend a lot more than that if you want on winter tires but these would be very good ones and they have old brands of so many brands of tire there too many to list but they have all the major ones but I like the big brand a tire myself I just put a set of those on my Honda the other day so big O. tires forty two locally owned and operated Utah locations new stores in beaver and in Santa Quinn big though the team you trust go to big O. tires dot com Hey wants to keep you warm there are many ways to do that like giving everyone a nice hot chocolate or a nice warm blanket but the best way is with a new furnace that's right we have a brand new Lennix furnace from Scott he'll plumbing heating and air and we want to give it to someone who deserves it go to X. ninety six dot com the nominating Utah family that needs a new furnace details and official rules are in actuality six dot com this is Scott hail and you're listening to radio from hail yeah that's right I got them to change their name the holidays time for hot cocoa mistletoe and spreading joy a different kind of joy oy the joy of pushing your limits on snowy morning that's great news the joy of getting the right motivation thank you can't go any further the joy of giving it all you've got until tomorrow because our kind of joy will keep coming back for more.

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