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That would require multi state and national chain stores larger than ten thousand square feet to begin phasing out plastic bags if passed the phase out process would last until December thirty first and therefore prohibit the distribution of single use plastic bags with a chain stores effective January first the Martha's vineyard airport is back open today after a state police bomb sniffing dog did not find anything suspicious the airport was closed all air vehicular traffic for over three hours this morning to a bomb threat authorities say the threat did not involve any aircraft the Bedford police are investigating an incident that happened at slate early Saturday morning police say they responded to a call just before two AM where they spoke to a victim who sustain injuries and was later transported to get medical treatment the incident remains under investigation of Dartmouth woman provide more details on her experience in the earthquakes that shook southern California on Thursday and Friday Dylan Santos has the story haven public school guidance counselor Christine the ball all of error in our family were in San Diego last week and had a run in with a few earthquakes Olivera tells W. B. S. M. news that she and her family barely felt the first earthquake that struck the area on Thursday but Friday was a different story and I were actually sitting on the couch we had a suite in the hotel and we were watching TV and we looked at each other and we just started playing back and forth and wanted to take a couple minutes to process because it's not a feeling you feel every day the family evacuated the hotel before safely returning for the night all of our says she and her family were happy to get on their flight home just six hours later Dylan Santos W. B. S. M. news and a new Bedford charter school is getting support from the Boston teachers union the Boston teachers union lost a paid ad campaign yesterday calling attention on what they call the unstable learning environments at city a hill public charter schools in Roxbury new Bedford caused by the board of trustees refusal to negotiate a contract for educators and staff the union says educators at the three city on a hill schools code of the square co a circuit street encoding Bedford are working without a contract that provides fair compensation equitable pay benefits and their working conditions in sports the red Sox rest up during the all star break until Friday when they host the LA Dodgers plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures outside this afternoon a beautiful summer day temperatures in Lynn will be in the mid to upper eighties along the coast you're looking at temperatures in the low to mid eighties we had to tonight.

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