North Korea, Ben Tracy Letts, Laura Bicker discussed on BBC Newshour


They wanted to show that they wore decommissioning that they were destroying this nuclear test site so what they did is they blew up the three remaining test tunnels at that site they claim that two of those tunnels were still usable that they could have conducted further tests there but they put explosives inside and they blew them up before they did that they actually opened up the tunnels we were able to walk right up to them see the explosives inside and then they removed us to some viewing stands further away and blew them up they then told us to walk back up towards the tunnel to see it in person diversify that indeed it had been closed at the problem is we're journalists were not nuclear experts so there was no one on site expert there to verify that what north korea claims it is done which is closing its nuclear tests like has actually occurred and we did ask our government minder if they're going to allow somebody to do that and he said he doesn't think so because they don't feel that they need somebody else to say that they've done what they say they have now done cbs news correspondent ben tracy letts beat now to our correspondent laura bicker who joins us now live from seoul the capital of south korea laura that that is a really critical point isn't it the lack of independent inspectors expert nuclear inspectors not being allowed to witness this process well first of all the journalists were hand picked by north korea most of them broadcast journalist and yes new independent experts where to make the journey i was to one here in seoul today who is a renowned expert and on weapons on the korean peninsula i'm he said there are two problems with this first of all those new antithesis whether or not this reversible whether or not this tunnels could be reopened on second of all they wanted to gather evidence they wanted to see what kind of nuclear material north korea was using what kind of tests have been carried out in these tunnels and the fear that that evidence might be lost some of it might still be there if.

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