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The friends welcome back to the Cast with me Jonathan puddle this is absurd fifty five I am very thankful and a little overwhelmed at all of the feedback from the podcast last week with from sharing re sharing his quotes on that subject seems that's really striking a chord with many of you and I'm hearing quite a few of you that you are interested in doing a book study on that book so the book will be released. I think this week next week and I'm planning to to send up what he tells about that so if you'd like to join the book study and dig deeper on when to walk away finding freedom and toxic people then make sure to jump on my Patriot chillier more details later studied take place now today's episode is with my good friend Jay Thomas no relation to Gary Thomas J and his wife Nam even evolved in the International House of prayer in Kansas City for many many years Jay's good friend of mine and his worship leader became grandfather's you'll hear us talk about that a little bit ah they've got a ministry where a lot of work with folks in prison and so we discussed that now if you're reading news or social media in the last twenty four hours whereas you'll probably have heard about amber geiger's sentencing she was the off duty police officer who was still in uniform returned home home to her apartment thought she was in her own apartment and tried to get in she was actually at a young men in bothell jeans comment when he came to the door she thought he was an intruder we when he came to the door to let her in to his apartment because she was erroneously at his apartment she I pulled out a gun and shot him and killed him so that that took place some time ago the sentencing was yesterday and so there's a lot of discussion around that a number of reasons one of which is a is a really remarkable display of grace and forgiveness from both Jones younger brother who in his impact statement he essentially wished that ember would discover the love of Christ would infect perhaps not even end up being incarcerated but that would ultimately find new life in Christ now he was very clear that he was speaking only for himself and not on behalf of his family but he offered her forgiveness and then there's very emotional video that I'll link to where you can see him requesting permission from the judge to offer her a hug and you can just see the the room react and people not sure really how to respond ultimately they they embrace one another it's very very moving it's a powerful display obviously of of the love of Christ inside someone moving him towards reconciliation the very person who murdered his brother in copland whether it was an accident or not so there's a tremendous beauty to that now at the same time there are many people who feel that her sentence was insufficient she was given ten years and she was could've been given much much longer and many people feel that if many we'll feel that if the races and genders were reversed and a young black man had shot and killed a a blonde white woman then he would be prosecuted significantly more aggressively and perhaps a much longer prison sentence and so there's a obviously there remains incredible pain there's also the fact that the at a wider level the narrative of the black person the black victim of injustice offering forgiveness to the white person is not a unique or rare happenstance it is obviously in every unique case beautiful and costly and powerful but as a broader narrative this is not the first time that a black person listen has offered forgiveness and it really seems rare that in general white culture is learning from this forgiveness and is truly responding to the grace that is consistently being offered whether it's an entire church congregation coming in an offering forgiveness to the terrorist who came amongst them and slaughtered them or whether it's individual cases like this so this is lot to wrestle with unpack here Jay and I we didn't get into that because it only happened last night but we talk about what he's discovering his wife earning as as they minister in prisons as they bring the love of God into prisons and as they discover in meet Christ present in prisons so especially if you're a white person listen I would encourage like myself I would encourage you to find black voices in your community who you can listen to you you can learn from it's one thing for us to share these stories and like these videos and say isn't this wonderful isn't this wonderful and of course again at an individual level the love of Christ poured out from one person to another is always beautiful and wonderful but forgiveness is not opposed to justice and where there are injustices they must be addressed and we have very long way to go this is also not just an American issue those of us in Canada and the rest of the world see this kind of racial injustice this is exists in our entities and in every segment every gender and every age group so that's a very long introduction but here here's my friend Jay so congratulations fakes it's very bizarre. I cannot I don't know any other way to describe it it's just really bizarre it's amazing but it's amazing to my father I think was twenty three or twenty four when I was born and I got married at nineteen and I was like that I'm GonNa make you a grandfather before you're fifty and he was like nope nope don't do it don't do it I'm pretty sure he was forty eight or forty nine when my son was born yeah it's pretty is just really I mean I'm forty two I'm forty two and you know I keep I keep referencing help artisan and my wife was like why do you keep saying that it's not it's not as our because you've had twenty one years to prepare your heart for this but ten years ago I was a single game in and now I'm now I'm forty at thirty to a single game in at forty two I'm married with three children a son in law in a grandchild that's a lot of ancient in years as it is I'm I'm still processing I'm not I'm not there yet yeah so so she's like yes that's fair Mayo it's more than fair remind me remind me a girl or boy he's a boy his name is William Eugene Wilder Hester amazing yeah it is wild and on top of that he's white so I I love it nothing wrong with that I'm my point is I'm black my wife is black and our our grandson is very white it's just bizarre just bizarre strange life we're living here for sure sure well let's beautiful yeah it's awesome I feel like I feel like we should have had coffee I it's it's Kinda does feel that way doesn't it the beauty of our amazing friendship is that we get the pleasure of jumping into deep waters without Without having actually touched the water yet so that's what I mean I was thinking as I was reading I was sitting here reading a book of Poetry Because I'm very cultured of course you are reading a book of poetry by a Black Caribbean Canadian woman named Dion Brand and I was thinking some for some reason I was thinking how this election the third time that we have recorded a podcast really because we did to backfire revival MAG one homosexuality and one on community wow I forgotten so I have had a number of two-time guests on the podcast Frank Viola has been on the show twice in Priscilla shirer has been on the show twice no one's been on the show three times and technically this is your first time on this show but you want to have done through three times that's amazing so that the history we have in the special and unique company so tell me all about song of hope what does this you've left I hop while you're at least staff I left I have staff back in May I was also working part time for church at that time which I also left shortly after and the question that everybody has been asking as well what are you doing now and I I should probably preface it by saying I left both of those positions within attention of actually moving ahead accepted a pastoral position at a local congregation and Florida but then life happened didn't that didn't didn't happen so when we laughed and we were just kind of like Lord what do you want us to do so Song Hope is a nonprofit organization that we have actually been directors of has approved of starting at about seven years ago but actually never did anything with the nonprofit at all we just kind of sat on the back burner but the Lord Kinda gave it to a number of years ago because hope hope is one of my favorite words one of my wife's favorite words and so we started this so suggestion the connection and I'm GonNa make him try to say everything you just said so it sounds really staged on natural that's because he's terrible actor but exaggerate ship leader so you know it's all it's all genuine when you know when he's up there that's right there you go so song song of hope well so song of hope I said we started about seven years ago and has taken on many many different Asians and things throughout the years but as we left as we left Stafford I hopped and also left staff at a local church we were working at we the intention of actually moving to another state to to pursue ministry at a local congregation there but the Lord shut it down in ways it only he can so we started asking the question why than is song of hope what is the vision of what is in our hearts what is it that makes the world kind of Tick for us what would we do if money weren't an issue what is the passion desires of our hearts and what we discovered actually was quite shocking after after about size hours of just sitting in white boarding writing all in our hearts that was Kinda one word that kept popping up and making appearance and that word was freedom and as you reference the first podcast that you and I talked about and I've shared a bit of my story and those who have heard my story no that my story is is that I have been brought into a new understanding of what freedom actually is and for me it was of freedom from extreme sexual promiscuity life homosexuality my wife story very similar in the sense that she having been a single mom alcoholic single mom and how the Lord started her on the journey in the past and understanding of what freedom isn't an how together we are still finding what freedom actually is discovering and so after that we started we asked the question what what how do we get there what how do you obtain freedom how does and acquired three main pillars popped up it's freedom in the word upstanding of it Sweden through discipleship and or in community with people doing life to the new freedom freedom to worship and so because we have a right understanding we're doing it together with people we're actually free to worship rightly and so so once we kind of come to those three pillars realized that this freedom that we're talking about as for everyone is where it's for everybody not just those who are unbelievers but for those who were believers in church who are newer in bondage because that's our story we weren't floating around you know outside terms and we were in church we were grazing the doors every time the doors opened we were part of different ministries yet still in bondage so it's free us who are in prison for preaching the Gospel and from that place they begin to sing and to worship and as we know the story tells us that the wall I literally shook the doors flew open and and many were set free and so the question for me is what was that sound and how do they do they hire it but we're we're giving our lives to go and find out and to recreate that sound in prisons but then also Matthew Twenty five which is a very popular parable of the talents but at the end of that parable Jesus himself says this he says because I was naked and you clothed as a prison and you came to see me which tell which tells me I read that with with a new lens and I came to the understanding realization that Jesus is to be and the incarcerated and so our question our vision our endeavour has become new it has become we wanna go where Jesus is we want to be found where Jesus is bringing those three pillars of freedom in the word freedom through discipleship freedom to worship we're not going into prisons and saying you know you wretched poor dirty souls you John Three sixteen bit we're not doing that we're we're going in because there are actual believers in prison there are one two people who made mistakes just like us the only difference is they got caught we didn't and they landed in prison and we're going board has graced the prisons with I want to go in and teach inmates how to sing the song freedom the Prophetic Song of freedom I want to capture the.

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