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So I feel so vindicated. Now, this is. Are you an outcast? Are they coming after you with pitchforks from the crowd going? How dare you utter truth in this year? Why everyone is welcome to form their own opinion on the matter. But I I have an obligation to point out. The fact, and I think there are a whole bunch of people on on in our camp that they think we are failing with our current transportation policy. So you're as a mayor you're part of the whole Sanday group. Right. So you see all this stuff coming and going in the money getting association of governments and so forth. Everybody has a say, correct. That's right. That's right. Yeah. So every city in the county has a Representative to the board. And of course, is that rail transportation planning agencies. So they're the ones that are actually going out all the money for roads transit and highways. So the number there, and you have this in your piece I'll link this over on Twitter at Mark Larson radio to some people are gonna read this Richard Bailey. The mayor of Coronado with us here public TRAN. That'd be like buses and trolleys gets fifty percent. Plus of all local transportation funding is a lot of money and then just thirteen percent to highways and then three point five percent of commuters ride public transit. But even those numbers, I don't believe those numbers because you know, they can count every segment you can be counted. Like, you have alter egos, you can go from santee all the way down to the border and just kind of stay on the trolley all day, you're gonna count not just once correct? Exactly. Yes. And so Mark was so shocking. Is that no matter how you numbers and even if they are inflated it still only three and a half percent of commuters. Yeah. But I think that's overstated. That's that's my point. That's based on their numbers county multiple times. And so even if it was numbers are overstated when you consider that we're still standing over fifty percent of our transportation dollars on best case scenario three and a half percent of caters. It starts to beg. The question of whether or not our transportation policies are working also not commentary, Mark. I pointed out that the coast trolley line, which is running properly downtown San Diego over to the UT area and UCLA three. Yeah. That's right. That's right. So when you're stuck on the highway and you're wondering, why am I stuck in traffic? Well, the mid coast trolley line is gonna be costing two point two billion dollars to complete some of the money comes from the federal government. A lot of the money comes from local transportation dollars from here in the county. It would be cheaper. Trolley line is only estimated to carry seventeen thousand riders a gay maybe cheaper. Yeah. Maybe we never hit those projections, by the way, but it would be cheaper to pay each rider a hundred and twenty five thousand dollar check today. Wow. We're paying them a thousand dollars a year for the next thirty years to build and operate the Netco Charline, probably expensive transit transit. And also. And this is the thing. Nobody wants to talk about maybe maybe you would touch on this, but transit also, I mean, the unintended consequences. Are it makes crime easier to move around it, you know, people hop on and go I nobody's on the honor system, and there's enforcement and safety concerns, or what have you and the trolleys better than many big city conveyances here. But you know, they extended out San Diego State suddenly things start to happen. I can only imagine how things will be when it's UT and UCSD. I'll tell you the people who are the core audience if you will for UT for the high end stores aren't saying, hey, I think I'll take the trolley TC. Just not gonna happen. Really? You know, you're you're you're right. I mean from an economic standpoint transit considered an inferior good people with economic conditions improve. They tend to choose anything, but transit, and so despite the fact that we have poured tons of money into investments in transit, and we subsidize two thirds of the cost of every single there. And the fact that the sandy wood county population has increased by ten percents over the last ten years or so transit ridership is down. So despite us pouring, more and more resources into transit. Number transit riders is actually down over the past ten years. So it just begs the question is it working? And as you know, we never your listeners are stuck in traffic. I hope they asked that question, and I'm sure they will conclude it it's not working. So is it just an addiction when it comes to spending more. If the ridership is down there thinking if you build it they will come or because some of these. Various leaders in groups like sand dagger looking at saying, well one day renegade. Forced people out of their cars, still we'll have to do it. And then we have all this built and ready to go. Or is it just a matter is it like the bullet trains future? The slow train the snail train with Jerry Brown. We say, well, we gotta keep making it look like we're kind of onto this. So we can get the quote federal money close coach, you know, I think you really touched on all the different components that go into making these decisions and part of it is that the state of California has turned mandates. The fantastic tries to bide by the federal government tangles a lot of money out that's available for transportation project. But most of that money or a good chunk of money is only available for transit projects so between the state and federal government. They're trying to steer local governments towards investing more and more in transit, even though the vast majority of commuters, I don't choose transit. And so that's kind of allowing us to make in my opinion, poor financial decisions on behalf of our taxpayers. I think. I think most of your listeners would be shocked to learn that only thirteen percent of all the transportation dollars spent locally actually goes to highways. So if you're wondering why you're stuck in traffic, it's because of that big disparity between what we spend on transit and what we spend on highways. Well, you've opening nice can of worms here, and it's gonna be fun one. Who's who's been grumpiest? Have you gotten some like, the call from fellow elected official will or to saying this, isn't helpful. I gotta say generally speaking, Mark, their reaction from the the handful board numbers I heard from so far has been a very positive. I think, you know, much like the public all the board members want are the facts to allow us to make the best policy decisions possible. And so that was my objective with his commentaries. And really put the fact out there for not just the public to see. But also, the Ford number fifty and allow us to have this conversation about what is the best way to move our? Region ford. Well, good for you. And I just linked over on Twitter at Mark Larson radio. You can see the heading is it's time to put roads. Over transit, Richard Bailey of mayor Coronado NAR. You part of this thing that is back again this idea that maybe the toll booths which are still there should be reactivated. So the riffraff like us. Won't come in. And hang out. We'd love coming to Coronado. Is this some new Kabbalah? Will it be a visa program houses going to work? Great question. Yeah. You know, what this is one of those issues where it's election season. So it's really see them one of a candidate running for city council kind of made it offhand remark that they would like to see the toll brought back onto the Coronado bridge. That is not something that we are exploring the Coronado bridge is actually an entity of the state of California. So we'll take a date legislation to reinstate it is ever since the bridge was paid for. It was paid for quote unquote, back in the day, and nobody thought okay, no more tolls. But the toll booths are still there. I feel like it should be a Reagan moment. Well, Sacramento wouldn't be Mr Mayor. It'd be cared down. This toll booth. Or something. So I like I like, we're headed up our thank you. All right. Hey, appreciate it. Then the stay strong in this issue in the transit deals about somebody about time. Somebody at the mayoral level said, wait a minute. Let's look at this differently. And I'm glad you did. Thanks mayor. Hey, thanks for you bet. This tornado mayor Richard Bailey can see voice of San Diego piece. I have haven't linked there again at Mark Larson radio. Just basically say, hey, forget all these transit projects just build more roads. I know that's common sense. It's crazy. You're not supposed to have that. In politics. Oh, I like it. AM seven sixty talk and breaking news. Well, if you have water damage, and it strikes, you need to act quickly time is of the essence and doesn't even mean, necessarily rain. Well, you don't what happened the other day with the water main north park Henault when that happens. What do you do.

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