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The show old guy is an area apply ends on this documentary is part of that series he says filming us document israel has taken him actually all over the country we went out and we wanted to know what it would be like to actually be in a world where to acquaint them the attack by japanese quieter and we've got some pretty amazing put it we filmed out over part of the gulf of mexico which would connect with her real world war two navy bomber models and says the documentary will premier in fort pierre which is the only employers he would have ever imagined at premiering unofficial premier date has not yet been said he has his film will take people into what it was like to be in one of those torpedo planes back in world war two he adds quote we went over the top worthless film workout blair united way kicks off its 2017 2018 be someone's hero campaign and to weeks the event will be held at five thirty p m tuesday august fifteen the capital university's center and pierre the kickoff marks the start of the united way his annual fundraising i've heard capillary another way executive director christine away you says the event as a way to welcome the entire community you to start their new fundraising campaign the really fun time we're going to have a beverage of again this year and it creamy now our campaign fare at arcore and of course short any video this year's campaign video was once again film by andrew langer we calls the film outstanding accent just got the.

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