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Not called the last early sixties and now I don't go up there I'm going to be on my roof tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it yeah clearly got us out of bad enough yes Sir so what what you do is buy the better callers remember if you buy the collar over them by the collar that there's there's a defect it's on you but you know what you can buy it buy it at a supply house that way you know have the river do it and wait till it gets a little bit warmer in Concord eighty all I do is I you were about you're good we we can hear and good trip I plan on and I better not trip off that roof both of I got a pain some dormers looking forward to this not eight three three eight oh for eleven forty Millard yeah I had a good new year to you thank you we made another one I don't new year's is is arbitrary to may I am I celebrate the new year on may twenty second it would open that would be a birthday absolutely I'm not put and tell people that have people tell me what year it is based on them it's me so what I'm trying to live you life set up some time that I haven't seen the ball drop in will forty years of I was it was terribly boring so don't worry about it well I'm not a Largo so what can I do for you I hear you're told him and also you call on that road rage in parliament there sure is very slow one mom problems real good and I tried to solve the yellow one the problem is if you can think it has a lose all factors and they gave me a generic version of what was originally there and we're going to your area and all of that but it is not working right now as you get any news of of ocean of speak it or one is from a big box store I and now warning do I go back.

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