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FM Nihar radio station. Thanks for joining us. Welcome into Friday quick programming note here in the podcast today. Escalation of the Trump Pelosi dispute new report says the president told Michael Cohen to lie and the best and worst airlines. You can hear that report on our website, which is this morning with Gordon Deal dot com that podcast is available right now beyond the headlines. This morning's Mike Gavin is here with a look at some of the other stories you'll be talking about this morning. Good morning. Well, if you wanna live a happy life attending as many parties as you can would be a good way to live it even if you were accidentally invited. That's what happened to an Arizona man, who's found viral fame after agreeing to fly across country to Vermont ski resort to attend a bachelor party for a man named Angelo, whom he has never met and was unaware of until last week the intriguing saga began when William Novak of Phoenix received an Email January seventh from a name. He did not recognize what the subject Angelo's bachelor party. Novak was hesitant to responded. I thinking Email might be a phishing scam. But the side. Added to throw caution to the wind writing count me in even though the thirty five year old hadn't been skiing since he was a teenager. Novak was surprised when the group responded telling him that the intended recipient was another guy named William Novak who lives in the northeast. He was also surprised when they said if you're serious get here. So after getting the sign off from his wife to leave her and their ten month old daughter to attend a.

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