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Convention has Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders endorsing his former rival for the nomination. Joe Biden against President Trump. We need an unprecedented response. A movement like never before. Of people who are prepared to stand up and fight for democracy and decency, Texas Republican Ted Cruz says about the Democrats, these air radicals, and that's where the Democratic Party is, and I don't think that's where the American people are Senator Cruz with Fox's Laura Ingraham. A school district in the Phoenix Arizona suburbs, cancels classes through at least tomorrow because of mass staff. Sick outs over Corona virus safety concerns. Dave Nelson's a high school teacher, Our goal here is to slow down, meet the metrics minimize the danger and risk for all those involved. There's a three to school board vote last week to reopen schools for in person learning yesterday, Americans listening to you This is Wichita number one Talk 98 7 and 13. 30 K M SS. Stephen Morning on 8 47 here on this Tuesday morning. Three big things. Three. Democratic National Virtual Convention is underway. Governor Kelly orders have stopped to evictions and foreclosures in Kansas. During the pandemic 100 years ago today, Congress passed the 19th amendment. Ranting women the right to vote. Three big thing. Stephen Dead on. This morning in traffic. At the moment, things looking really good out there for a traffic volumes are concerned, not seeing much movement in the gasoline prices. It's still little varied. Still, seeing some Rice is a size a dollar 99 a gallon, but the dollar 92 Douglas and Seneca Dollar 91 at Lincoln and Hydraulic Traffic Update from 98 7 13 30 K and.

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