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Audiences enjoyed the ride so much that theater owners voted Burt Reynolds, the top box office attraction in the country in nineteen seventy seven which was lights note the year Star Wars hit theaters Reynolds had been offered the part of Consolo solo actually and turned it down just as he turned down the role of double o seven year. It went to George Lazenby. And as he would later turn down one flew over the cuckoo's nest terms of endearment and Pretty Woman. No one ever accused him of being smart about choosing film roles, but smart in no question. Deliverance was the film that made him famous years of bit parts on TV hadn't prepared audiences for his scarily ripped outdoorsman who led Jon Voight, Ronny Cox and knitted bathing on what would end up being a heroin canoe trip in the Georgia backwoods Yuling, banjos hillbilly, rapists, and Reynolds using a bow and arrow. To spear fish and to even the odds, and what he saw at the outset as a chance to meet nature on its own terms genes are going to fail in assistance gonna fail. And then what ends of the ability to survive. As the game after deliverance put him on the map, Reynolds, more or less the rest of that decade. He played football players in the longest yard and semi tough. The bootleg thing kept coming back in white lightning and lucky lady offscreen, he cultivated a less predictable vibe whether posing nude on a bear skin rug for Cosmo or telling interviewers that Sally field was the love of his life. Even though he married to other women his mistakes onscreen.

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