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June one calms trades and also comes releases which means signings and teams getting players on the other internet trade. So let's talk about who the jones who i mean the betting favorite the now one is all over the place sometimes one day. It'll be the titans the next day it'd be seahawks. You will hear reports that the ravens are interested. Obviously the forty niners cost shanahan. But i mean we've we've even seen the rams we've seen i mean just you name it. If they handle for help if they need drivers for help they're probably interested. We have also seen. Some teams will be critical cancer out of the mix out of the running for julio. So we'll see. I imagine that trade will happen sooner than later just because atlanta has absolute zero leverage in that scenario anymore especially with julio going on tv which Alba close the door on his reunion. I imagine so my question to you is. would you rather have a player like Stefan gilmore or zach ertz man julio jones because obviously who is an elite player. He's a great player. He is a cyborg. Is thirty two. And he's gonna cost fifteen over fifteen million dollars unless you get atlanta. Pay some of that money. You're gonna zach. Ertz aren't gilmore for cheaper and there's a lot of this comes down to and also the compensation might not be as as you know high. So what do you feel. How do you feel about that. If i had to just rank the positions where the forty niners could use the most help. I would go corner receiver than maybe tight end. Just based off of the three names that you mentioned so just based off of that i would rather have stefan gilmore over julio jones rather have julio jones zach ertz just all being things being equal right trade composition salary all those type of things just player value to the forty niners. I think stephon gilmore would probably be the best edition just given the fact that they're so thin that outside corner. I know they added to rookies there. But the rookies. Do you expect them immediately. Coming in contributes can be tough especially just given given the expectations for them this season and are really banking on jason garrett and emmanuel mosey on for being healthy for seventeen games. You never wanna bet against that but if you just look at their history right you would bet that. They're not there for the entire season. So adding player like gilmore. Even if he's coming off of injury. I would personally rather do that than adding a player. Like julio jones. But you can't go wrong with that either player. Executives is the one that a lot of people talk about. But i just i would not touch zakar with a ten foot pole. How would you rank those three players. So when you when you bring up ertz and we talk about julio. The perception of both of those players are a little off. Because you know they're both always on injury report so we have this idea that they're always missing games. But that's not the case and that hasn't been the case for julio aside from twenty twenty but with herbs so he before twenty twenty he only missed three games as well. So it just depends. I feel like a lot of people. Just. didn't you see injury report. Thinking these guys are always gone but arts had nine hundred nine hundred sixteen yards receiving in two thousand nineteen yet over eleven hundred in two thousand eighteen and this guy is another player that actually scores touchdowns the question i would have is. Is he this tough greedy. You know. stick your nose in their type of tied in that. The forty niners seemed to like or you know if if he's not an s player if he is more of a softer kind of finesse player which dow's garnered has a better reputation in philly even among their fans and they think that he is the better urge. The better tight end. Because he's you know able to make those plays over the middle. I don't know obviously zach. Ertz is a great athlete. Needs able to make plays. But i feel like he doesn't have the he has a better or not as good of a reputation as a got it on his team. So how's that gonna fly in san francisco. And i don't know if the forty niners want to be a twelve personnel team. Because you know you're still going to have to give arts. I think it was like seven or eight million my head. So yeah he's you're gonna pay him if you're going to pay him that type of money you want him to be on the field. And you're going if you're gonna have that twelve personnel. Those two tight ends. What do you do. Kyle us check now because that has been your quote unquote chess. Move and how you dictate. What the defense does and caution and said. That's a big reason why he plays the fullback so much. So while the tight end and fullback different positions it seems like with the forty niners adding juice that was their way of adding a big name tied in in the sense of art but man. He's aside he will continue to be a stud. I know for united fan stink that he shut down or greg ghetto or greg. It'll go crack kettle. Answer all over the place. George kittle greg. Espn shutout he owned him because of one row. But gilmore stood him up a couple of times. At the line of scrimmage Top is right as well so a he added. He had a pretty good year. It just was a historically good as the past two seasons. Where but i mean you still thirty and he is going to. I think he can play for a couple more years. Just because he's never been a guy who relies on his athleticism in the same vein as julia. John's yes they're elite athletes so they can win that way. But that's not how they went. So i would go. Julio just because he's the best part list a- gilmore right after him and then. I put in a distant third there. Nothing wrong with that yet. But i i think i would rather have gilmore in since we're listing. Who do what. I can count on. Gilmore i feel like more than i can count on any cornerback on the forty niners roster and jason read has been one of my favorite players for a long time because of the way he plays but to say that i can count on and twenty twenty one. I feel like that's that's fools gold. And i don't wanna do that and obviously i'm not running against him but i mean history history so I don't feel the same way. With steph gilmore so before this past year again which seems to be like courageous but asterix necessarily just because of all the things that happen So gilmore missed five games this past season but before that with his previous two seasons with the pats did not miss a game and he's been pretty reliable when he when he's been on the field at generoso Iago gilmartin. i really really like more. Just as far as what he would bring to the forty niners as well yeah. Let's talk about nate. Nine eight on tuesday's show started by some most underrated forty niners..

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