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To be turned with the ventilation, making sure that all of the other question ery measures are in place. Many teachers said they did not want to go back into classes without covert 19 vaccines, But the CDC says the shots aren't needed to resume in person learning safely. No streets full of be tossing tourist in New Orleans. This Mardi Gras Covert 19 has shut the city's bars. WWL TV reporter Danny Monteverdi has more police chief shot, Ferguson says. We're prepared to take whatever action is necessary. Businesses are not the only ones who could have to deal with consequences from summons to arrest. You know the summits and cover Rita. $500 fine. But the six months incarceration last year the city suffered a surge of coronavirus case is this CBS News Indeed delivers great candidates fast, in fact, indeed delivers four times more hires than all other job sites combined, according to talent Best Borat indeed dot com slash credit 10 03 on Saturday, February 13th 28 degrees, wintry weather today only going up to the lower thirties. Good morning. I'm John Aaron in the top local story we're following this hour. Is that whether our winter weather advisories in effect through tomorrow morning for many parts of the listening area spots that don't have a winter weather advisory have an ice storm warning has been issued for Charles ST Mary's, Stafford, King, George Spotsylvania and Orange counties. We've been seeing freezing rain come down this morning in many spots, snow and sleet. Her also possible Kelly Hannon and who is with the Virgin. Department of Transportation. So we're asking people today to take this weather threat very seriously and avoid travel today..

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