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Seasons of the Ron Burgundy podcast are available to binge now find the Ron Burgundy podcast on the I Heart radio ad or wherever you listen to podcasts. Okay, if I money report presented by BAE Alarm, Dow closed up 92 S and P closed up 14. NASDAQ closed up 53 boulders at 17 87 announced oil is at 40 32 a barrel. The KO Phi money report is brought to you by BAE Alarm because if your securities not the best, you're not secure. Visit bay alarm dot com to get protected today. As we get a little closer, the fourth of July holiday temperatures are getting hotter and the morning clouds are becoming a lot less prevalent. We'll start Friday with a shallow marine layer and temperatures in the sixties. Tomorrow afternoon, Huntington Beach climbs to 74 degrees. It's sunny in Los Angeles and 80 valleys and inland empire reached 92 degrees, and it's hotter on the fourth. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now, it's 72 in Newport Beach, 77 in Tustin, 79 in Burbank and 79 in West Hills. We lead local live from the By 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad. 56 40 Got big night tonight You're writing for another visit by the good doctor. Dr Baker Sherry from Orange County, coming out of ST Joe's and orange and talk about this Corona virus, find out what the latest numbers are. And I have something. I think that Dr Ray.

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