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So vera is okay we unused data nightmare but she is like legit like next level evil evil like i don't think we've never seen on this year owing to think of a curt she is like i'm trying to think of another character that she's like and i just can't while i think you are alito plus some one but like evil she evil lolita but like yet because she so she we have like a dichotomy here like of the uh it's almost madonna horror but not be going to say that it's like throughout i was like uh good so like virgin slept but at the same term i'm like no varies a slot yeah fear is oh fucking mike sex addict ya using it she is constantly uh of both aware of her sexuality and like literally like waving around in everybody's face the whole time she is she is she's all right there is a scene where her adrina comes home in fears they're both a little older of yours link what fourteen ayyash fourteen at yeah and the mom has bit the mom ride lucky childbirth she had this premature daughter named sylvia online god got your lord we were we will get to guide silvia sylvia like we don't even have to really make comments about you tell you are here and tell you it happened it would be enough so bira is like on the mons shays lounge is like purple shays lounge and reading a roman romancenovel yeah one of the dead moms on the animals as i drina walks in russia.

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