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I was trying to think back, I know my redshirt freshman year, I think white have been one of the first years that they had over time. Marriage this back in ninety seven. But I do remember playing three games at northeast Louisiana that your three over ten games. I think I played in one. I know I played in one overtime game. No more than one one. I know we'd be Wake Forest and overtime my sophomore year when I was at Epps states. I played in maybe a handful overtime games. The most maybe went to the second. I don't maybe even one went to the third overtime, but met seven overtimes have you ever played anything like that? No in high school. We played a triple overtime game on homecoming. And I remember being absolutely tapped out in exhausted. I can imagine playing a seven overtime game. I think this man you talk about health and safety of your players. You are really really MDX Luckett in those from an emotional standpoint from physical exertion standpoint, as well, it is just tough to kind of get it going for that long. But look hats off to text in in for being able to pull up a hassle off to LSU's guys. I don't think if you're at os runs you can come and be disappointed because I believe both teams emptied. The bucket is just one of those things where. Takes in a one more play to LSU was able to make no question. No. That's let's see what happens here in these championship games. We'll talk about those on the next episode here on move the sticks. It's going to be some fun games to preview. I will not mention any more about me being in first place on the college picks because that's just bragging. And that's not what I do. By looking forward to to pick picking those games. Tomorrow. Anything you're working on here you want to promote here, but not just continue to begin to put together this list of prospects. They've we gotta look, man. I feel like I'm a little bit behind when it comes to prospects stood out jump on. And then trying to put a schedule together for the bowl game tour. What games can we hit up to see these top prospects and these Marquis games? We'll have some do to discuss here on the next episode. We jump into these champs ship games in where we could be headed for these bogey matchups. That's gonna do it for today. Thank you guys for listening downloading leaving us a review on apple podcast. We do appreciate that can't nice work Cam. Nice work, David singer creek job. Getting us the guests that he gets us each week on sticks. We'll see you next time. And it'll be shortly here on this. Thanks for downloading move, the sticks with Daniel. Jeremiah Brooks, four more, go to NFL dot com slash podcast..

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