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Hardware things but with the same code and so have you guys written any of these things do you anticipate a sort of community growing up around that do you have one already yes so the great thing is i was mentioning before his we can actually leverage all community contributions from eight utility standpoint so i was mentioning new vm light was mentioning windows joe get tiller rex kieffer that matters and all the other component providers at having is can be retargeted to knows that again work across platforms right you need the source code right yeah and and if you look at it from a different angle won't we'll probably come up with announcements and a few days but you because we're a utility stack could in theory envision a world whereas zairean forums the targeting you that would be as rancher could sit on top of ono that sets up of women family rate so you could have iran forums and i may have seen it seniors i'm informs running in the browser using web assembly great so that's how extensive be coverage so pretty similar to the efforts that franken with only white ready to see you mentioned teller accu i for universal windows platform this is adaptive ui for building windows ten apps with one code base completely open source so that means you get the source code to these tools yes they did open source that's amazing so you got like grid charts data formless few all that stuff calendars editors navigation visualization geo visualization and and that can all go right from that code for uw p to irs android and and web assembly and be completely responsive right true during the bill doesn't example red day announced data grid unusually p an during that first night between cocktails jeremy.

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