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Per hour it's a strong present movement westnorthwest or two hundred eighty five degrees captain at sixteen miles per hour so there you go the nine hundred forty one of them in the nba an hour which means is still strengthening okay is to sir with its dropping it means it's strengthening okay so it's at nine hundred fourteen mila bars is that what that is i'm going to hang of this stuff did i tell you the the joe they tell you the story i can't remember which hurricane this was this is many years ago ugh we had left the beach we'd actually been them by my family had been down for valentine family reunion and this was at the atlantic beach you folks in north carolina obviously know where that is in right it it's more head city neil had city is this it's the beach add more hits it anyway near beaufort and all that kind of stuff so we've been down there we'd rented a cottage and then a hurricane was coming or as my brothers called her can you folks in north carolina call her can i get you the british called a hurricane to have you ever noticed an there are a lot of similarities between the speech of the british and nor and then southern stuff fishing north carolina anyway we had rented a cottage and we had the leave early because a hurricane was coming and so steven mark my older brothers decided and my older oldest brother steve lives in beaufort so they decided they were going to stay in the cottage and that's what we that's when we that's a how hurricane mark got his uh got his name that's because we were calling him i'll tell you that story in a second but we're outlier thank you so much the truth uh oh jose upgraded to a category one hurricane to us right behind erma we'll keep you updated on that do we're was a oh yes great story about her again so we left the beach and we had the cut the valentine family reunion short we went back to nashville tennessee and susan i were watching all this stuff about the hurricane coming.

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