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Art fine explore those opportunities see what you can get back this is a process of going into the free agent world in israel's full circle back to what we're talking about earlier with lebron james try to make yourself was appealing as possible protect the assets that you have that you want to invest in so the lakers clearly understand who the assets are that they're keeping brennan ingram carl cruise mode and lonzo ball her els aspect it so if one of them banged up if one of them certain right now launch was not present why pulled him out there on the floor it can rattle your confidence you know you could reinjure you can drink a state a more significant injury and now you're now you're playing catchup and for them good keep him back they're not practised in the mall fine they went in agra falls after they play the toronto somalian i'ma mouse i'm in and his wife visas to coach on the lakers he's out at the niagara falls before they went down orlando slightly different weather pattern between the two places by the way in toronto in orlando mob but that look what do you want from this laker team airways the nineteen win team right now so obviously which is a hell of a lot better than where it was two weeks ago yeah at the same time luke walton like we forget sometimes the person before the player to person before to coach the person before the title don't forget that because there's and luke walton who goes home and who wants this trajectory to continue to point up and in his first two seasons it's been a mixed bag a nuts in terms of what have been the results were as his team head worst identity who are your core players all that has changed in his two years here and i think that now he wants to make sure that he keeps this success linear and upward and right now what out a winning season in comparison to the expectations which is a thirty plus wind season he's gonna feel like this was a losing effort and i don't think he wants to go upstairs the management and sega brooke lopez his frustration.

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