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With Rick fan sites could help you with this and still ahead we're gonna find out where king county stands with the latest on Copa cases now here's ABC at five thirty the nightmares in the fight against carbon nineteen health officials now sounding the alarm about long lines of testing sites a week or longer waits for results ABC's Matt Gutman scientists tell us we're in the midst of a public health failure to meet the need for testing and even the CDC itself estimates that up to ten times more people have cooperated than has previously been reported Florida nearly nine thousand new coronavirus cases in the past twenty four hours Texas with almost six thousand cases both states now forcing bars to shut down hospitals in Arizona activating surge plans to handle code cases because of the cupboard surgeon the U. S. the European Union is banning most American travelers from entering any of the E. U. S. twenty seven member countries that's when an adviser to the E. U. confirmed to ABC news family guy voice actor Mike Henry whose white says he'll step down from the role of Cleveland brown on the fox animated series saying persons of color should play characters of color chucks Iverson ABC news one thousand seven ninety seven seven good evening I'm Rick fansites with Lisa Jaffe's we continue with our top stories now from the call twenty four seven news center cases of the corona virus are on the rise nation wide and king county is no exception we working for twenty we saw one hundred and fifty six more cases compared to the previous week which represents a sixteen percent increase that's county health officer Dr Jeff Duchin and he says the increase is due to more testing and county in business re openings meanwhile Snohomish county's progress in fighting in the outbreak has stalled now officials had hoped to apply for phase three today but increasing infections have caused that to be postponed and also as the mandatory face covering order is now in effect for all of Washington state you dub medicines Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says a lot of this really comes down to common sense I think when we're doing activities like biking hiking running our goal is to stay our issue away from others certainly on a bike you're not going to be within six feet of other people around you and so I think that's a safe thing to do Dr Bryson Khan says you should be wearing a mask in public if you can't maintain at least six feet of space between yourself and others and she says a symptomatic people can still spread covert nineteen to others governor Inslee on CNN today talking about the rising covert nineteen cases and the Capitol Hill protest he was asked how soon that stalemate might end I think we are going to succeed having a peaceful transition so we can get please a police services into this neighborhood we do need that everybody knows we need that data if you were to make progress and broke both fronts for to quickly he says the protesters have been successful in changing the conversation you'll soon be seeing more outdoor seating at restaurants in Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan announced the city.

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