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Five point amphitheatre September twenty third tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster dot com I thank you guys nice joblessness jobs pay over as you exit the stage this moment is entirely yours you take it away thank you very much but let me play it's great that we can quickly you got a brother be safe out there enjoy those friendly skies yeah well thank you our brother Tony George good morning trapped on what's going on but there's a big mess along the sixty freeway in Chino this morning so if you usually take the sixty in either direction avoid that altogether there is an active with a big right they end up shutting down the freeway on both sides a westbound sixty a shutdown is coming up on reservoir that drive is a parking lot coming away from Millikan eastbound side is packed in as well now at Phillips ranch road it looks like they're going to set up a closure of Phillips right to start taking people off of the freeway there but in the meantime you rising pretty solid delays don't bother with that Riverside Drive south of the freeway that is jam packed walnut Avenue just south of there doesn't look too bad Philadelphia north of the freeway still doesn't look too bad the ten freeway as your alternate is going to be sluggish both directions between the fifteen of the fifty seven but right now you're better speeds in the sixty there's no major crashes in the way but do not take the sixty right now thirteen in either direction the southbound side of the four oh five eight cherry that earlier craft car fires been cleared up completely that is still recovering from about Wellington northbound side of the four or five still pretty busy from the six oh five to the seven ten freeway the delays from western out towards the ten one ten freeway northbound side is getting into south LA traffic is heavy from the one oh five out to the one on one south bound by the exposition they put up a motorcycle crash but that's a tough right Avenue twenty six and stays low to Manchester the topic of what is sponsored by Mercedes Benz they say work now play later with more affordable Mercedes Benz models than ever before why not leave now this spring.

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