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Talk with your pediatrician or visit healthy Children dot or GE. Meet Keith Loving, Dead board Game Champ Bus driving probe. I dropped 65,000 miles in my plus each year if people knew what I know lives could be saved, like how there are some things a simply can't see on my route. The other day, a car tried to sneak past me and ends up right in my blind spot. I turned slowly, so accident avoidance, but no car should be in a blind spot for £40,000 bus. It's our roads is how safe visit www dot share the road safely dot gov. For 24. Here's Marine with Cuomo traffic. It's just a struggle. North found 405 because of a collision, blocking both toll lanes. We have a five mile backup. Through Bellevue. We've also had along the way an issue on the ramp from Northeast for that looks like that one's cleared out of the way South bound for 05 85th and Kirkland. There's a collision, partially blocking the right lane. Don't see much of a back up there, but further South. It's top 5 20 into Newcastle South Bound I five very difficult now from Northeast 80 through Seattle all the way down past the West Seattle Bridge north out of struggling as well from the West Seattle Bridge, often on through Seattle. Pockets of slowdowns to North Gate and then again, three shoreline amount like terrorists in Everett. It's heavy north and I five just south of Highway to up to Union Slew south down by five is heavy from highway 18 through fight This in traffic brought you by Allstate. You were driving less. You could be saving more encouraged her and save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate, Call local Allstate agent and get a quote Your next traffic at 4 30 for some scattered rain showers will continue around the Puget Sound area the rest of the afternoon. Then tomorrow Partly cloudy and highs back into the low seventies as the sun continues to progress through the weekend, might even hit upper seventies by Sunday..

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