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The sox beat the indians cleveland has its ninegame win streak come to an end white sox fivegame losing streak is not they had lost fourteen of the last fifteen entering the day on sunday but they get a three one win over the indians billy's walk off with a two one win over the braves phillies seventh walk off win this season three of those seven have come against atlanta sports at our own ideas espn radio in the espn app speaking of impressive hits on sunday three you know here's what pitch flinging aren't it 105 3 the fan the he is adrian belle trey he becomes the 31st member of the three thousand hit club rangers wind up losing to the orioles tend to six but velde trade gets hit number three thousand of his career after the game he would meet with reporters in kinda go all marsha blend job sort of i'm here so my mm sorry if you're in the way you're playing he been at 38 doesn't zealand you you see the plane for three or four more years easily defueling way right now how you look at it was it to my wife back when this all started when use of your first about with the dodgers did you ever envision that you'd be sitting in a this as requested about for those clothes not even close i never had any kind of for so long idea of water was gonna be in the big league i wanted to be in the beginning to compete in able to send the big lead to play every day every day player panetta nevermind i had that i thought about collecting three thousand hits between twenty years he foreigner pas homers and errors back to that unheard submissive gwinnett but when you play every day and and the youth or some if you've ever did an and and the pairs you can't help people cloth the sometimes your kimberly number this will happen here adrian belle trey becomes the first player to reach three thousand hits a rangers uniform are baseball tonight guys carl ravaged with kim curcumin david ross well i got to.

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