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The answer mark as they're filling in for Dennis Prager and I apologize to all of you waiting let's set let McHale finish up because he disagrees any thanks president trump was the worst finish up go head Mikhail Turin with mark okay yeah I you know I I'm I'm I just want to make it clear I'm not bleeding heart liberal but the thing is is what I'm looking at is your fax matter I mean we have a president that lives you know constantly if people don't agree with that join the constitution yeah it's not what we were away we might McHale McHale McHale stop we gotta dialing on which they are longer where's the doctor where's the district word sure I project where you were as you destroy the constitution well well I mean it is your this look at the impeachment I mean I'm looking at you know he won he was clearly you know he did something wrong what do you do clearly leads you said he did something he destroyed the constitution what did he do that the strike I as far as I know it's still there it's still there and still working well I will use to you just now than what they did you hear on from that Lauren chef can destroy the constitution it do anything to have anything to the constitution useful of freedom of speech freedom of religion what don't you have that what we were we were talking about the balance of powers here we talked about you know creating a dictatorship we're talking about get yelled the digesters yet apartment you know being here is is is strong is this strong arm tactics using eighteen using strong arm tactics has as well that's your you say fax let's not perfect Barr said that had not is decisions have been is decisions and he has a right as Attorney General to do that and the presents a lot of tweed his opinion about whether he thinks someone got you know too much time in prison so he's got freedom of speech to destroy the constitution you're saying what the other would be your buddies there the metallurgic and and the rest of them say it's not true I don't know I don't know who now our shift is that okay but you fall debates I was being I was being near there's there's this particular president has I mean if if you look at what a president should be it should be as far as to all people for all people use a present yes he has his policies and to all all groups he hasn't been you know you're trying it is more he's more of a divisive you know character and that's what I thought about a mile let's have a dialogue McHale I thought that about a bomb and that he was very divisive I can I thought a bomb we I'm you may be shocked by that I thought a bomb was the most divisive present I ever saw I mean we're on different sides of the political spectrum but don't make up stuff yes destroy the constitution it's working pretty well yes it was unique in what these founders created but that's why I said they may not be here but I mean they're your friends I just made you maybe you hear all the could you mention the impeachment it showed nothing yeah yeah Democrats who voted to and and and the thing is right and he's he patted failed to all these groovy very bad your locals are ya I'm a Christian let I'm a believer but I I do not believe that Donald Trump is a believer I I believe she believes quite well you don't you obviously don't like him by the way source I'm Jewish I'm not evangelical and I don't think he panders to invite evangelical groups I don't think you understand and you do and I'm Jewish what if one of my crazy I think the guy's been one of the best presidents because let's do you want to do the fax let's do it not just the economy but said that on like a ball of those supporting our friends in opposing our foes around the world the Iran deal moving the embassy in Israel the I could go on and on the tax cuts been terrific now you said he lies all the time I hate Zachary sometimes but first of all you said something else to or want to react I don't care what the rest the world thinks I don't care if they like him or not they're not very strong anyway what were we're seeing is Jimmy Carter allies I mean we need those guys yeah but you know the older they here we go or you're right now got a backer whose going to come and join with Bret rolled in to join with us when they see strength people and I I give you a lot and I really appreciate thanks so much because you disagree but I'll give you a lot of time people respect strength don't respect weakness I'd like them to join with us and United States the nest the be the you know the big the power the super power in the free world but someone's gotta do it if if we stand for what's right right where it that's what people look towards so I I you know I'd wanna is always Dennis wants people to clarify so I gave a lot of time and you think Obama was the best I think you said that maybe and then trouble source that's fair that's what I wanted so thanks I mean it's very sincerely thank you for calling all let's go to and I'll get all your calls because that's what we're doing today politics a hold on I don't get your right away scoop as an interesting take scoop you're on what is that your real name yeah my god my god newspaper name very great radio name other radio we still call me on the radio and they were slaves groups that's how I got my name self conscious there's no to begin new because I use it almost thirty one days give us along with it they're not real speech in a name written met for thirty days thirty days importance in bed so the new thing most of the countries that's great and I we sell mattresses for presidents day probably because of the great thing is you must yeah but he was governor on both those states fighter ram he's a guy who's a problem guy that makes sense both have eight because of him you know so well Stu if you think you can give me the latest scoop up you must have been a DJ IRA I don't know if that's your attitude yeah it was a not good for him let's go to Pennsylvania and Brian Brian you're on with mark well mark are you doing our one of the worst presidents of for that so on that was Andrew Johnson reason being is Lincoln had all these reconstruction deals there are plans for reconstructing the south and obviously and what people don't realize probably is is making with the Republicans and Johnson with the Democrats so wherein linking got assassinated the Democratic Party took over and can't learn more to change everything that link and wanted to do down the south and set them back years and years and years so I think that was probably the worst thing that could happen to our country what Johnson was trying to do so I go to is many calls I can I like I like the diversity of the opinions of trying to get another one that might be a little bit different now now let's go to ill in Los Angeles feel you're on with mark Hey Marc thanks to fill in for Dennis today and from last year all I got got eighty one old Greenwood maybe change may not agree with that course I know some president of modern times I believe this rating was attached because what he did against communism but he also did find another evil against the Germans and the **** back he did what he could back in his heart yeah what you get for Connie how we fought the Soviet can be the communists in many different ways that a the worse credit you may not agree with it but I I don't know if you disagree with also the person that call I didn't get a lot I'd much prefer one over shoulder I'm so glad she didn't get elected because it needs to swing back and forth to have her pick in court justices catching got you're absolutely right in that mark I stir filling in for Dennis put the Dennis Prager.

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