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Because now instead of things being four to three on that supreme court and ready to shift in a moment's notice in twenty twenty now conservative with how a five to majority on the Wisconsin supreme. Court and not only that turnout was high and what the election showed is that. Well, there were certain districts where Trump has fallen off a little bit particularly in suburbia in rural areas, he continues to dominate according to according to Madison dot com. They report that the conservative is winning by a very small margin. It Megan automatic recount. But there was court raised the liberals needed to win have shot at taking majority control of the court next year appeared headed for a recount, but the conservative candidate declaring victory holding narrowly following Tuesday's election, the conservative candidate is up over five thousand votes, a conservative win would increase their majority to five two and ensure that our control over the court which they've held since two thousand eight for years to come. It'd be a particularly stinging defeat for liberals who were confidence and riding a wave of wins in twenty eighteen including picking up a supreme court seat and ousting Republican governor Scott Walker and served with Brian Hagedorn who was Walker's chief legal counsel for five years. Let liberal back to Lisa Neubauer by fifty nine hundred votes out of one point two million cast based on the unofficial results that difference of about zero point four nine. Percentage points is close enough for Neubauer to request a recount, but she would actually have to pay for it. So maybe it happens. Maybe a dozen had declared victory early Wednesday morning. This is electoral surprise minutes after he declared victory the Neubauer campaign, Santana fundraising plea saying that with the vote total neck and neck, it looks like we're headed to a potential recounts counties will canvass the votes starting next week to determine the official margin of victory. The last time there was a recount in. Wisconsin supreme court race was in two thousand eleven this. This was the only statewide election of the year. So this is the only bell weather that we have this year and turnout was really strong. In fact, it was a lot stronger than it was in two thousand eighteen Republicans showed up in two thousand eighteen they should have been bigger numbers in twenty in two thousand nineteen twenty seven percents for Wisconsin supreme court seat, the tight outcome provides more evidence as Madison dot com of how evenly divided. Wisconsin is President Trump. You'll member carried the state by less than one percentage point Walker lost it by just over one percentage points. This state is basically dead even Haggadah and victory. In battleground America sends a message to all of America that were ready to keep Wisconsin read as we turn our attention to mobilizing for twenty twenty and reelecting President Trump's said, Mark Jefferson, the executive director of those -sconsin Republican party. So this is it's a pretty astonishing result. I mean, she was heavily favored the liberal in. This race was heavily favored to take the seats. Eric Holder headed hit an outside group that was spending almost a third of a million dollars to more than thirty million dollars actually to help Neubauer win. There are a bunch of conservative groups, including Americans for prosperity that match democratic outside spending Hagedorn spent much of his race defending his conservative beliefs Neubauer by contrast was appointed to the appeals court in two thousand seven by a former democratic governor and the term there is ten years..

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