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Within the human brain. From the dr- quote. Dry weight of the brain is fat protein. Then it's sprinkling of carbs and minerals is in there as well but protein is also incredibly important. It's conversation it's not that far removed so about eleven percent fat about eight percent protein. I so we don't want him gate protein but fat is so freaking important of the dry weight of the brain is the most important macro nutrient at. Your brain is literally made primarily of fat. If we're talking about macronutrients so how does this all work starts off in the womb and this also is carried out once we are born and breastfeeding mothers milk. It we're talking about the dietary construct. It is so abundant in fat specifically about fifty percent of fat found in human breast milk saturated fat again. We've this is one of those things. It's been vilified that it's so bad for us. Why is the very thing. We know for certain that humans are designed to consume when we are born wise. That thing so bad. If fifty percent is a fifty percent of the fat in mother's milk is saturated fat so for cognitive development of babies and as a matter of fact there was a study that i just came across looking at if not not only just the saturated fat. But getting to this point. Dha and epa in that that construct the amount of dha epa in mother's milk and seeing the direct when when this was a multi country study as well as observational study. But they took into account other factors as well. They did a really good job but they found that mother's milk that that had the highest concentration of epa dha. Their children performed about twenty percent better on cognitive skills test. All right so we're talking about the template for our brains and what is made of now as we move into adulthood just to be clear that doesn't mean at guzzling saturated fat is going to make your brain worked better. Necessarily the gates that allow insects rated fat. Actually start to decrease your but saturated fat is so important. Your brain makes it itself all right so your brain literally can make its own saturated fat when it needs to so getting dot barely. This isn't saturated. Fat is bad but also not saying that this is the primary brain fuel. Because it's a lie it's nuanced. What is a primary brain fuel for. Art from dietary perspective is epa and dha. These are critical. Is one of the most important takeaways from this episode. Today and so research is that they decided to do again another randomized controlled trial. This was published in the american journal. Clinical nutrition to see what is the direct impact of dha and epa. And so what they did was they simply gay folks and increase intake of dha and epa versus a placebo and they found the folks just within a matter of weeks. Consuming dha and epa had a dramatic increase in memory and their reaction time just by including more of these nutrients and so that started already. I'm fascinated by this. So i'm like why what's going on here. Well these essential fatty acids espn epa. These are known as structural fats in the brain. All right so we know about white adipose. Tissue we know about you know visceral fat satanic fat. Those are storage fats. The brain doesn't have storage fats thankfully because during times of famine. If you had stores fasten your brain you you you bring a meeting your brain..

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