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She went to. Live Garden. Now, little bit in her defense she was sixteen she had never been to olive garden. Okay, and there is one in Times Square. She got really excited about it because she had heard about the breadth of. Ana I leave her fault. She made it to sixteen hadn't been doing olive garden? Well. Yes isn't that great parents just Got Exactly so Long Story. Short. Yes I want them to go places inexperience things than I absolutely encourage them to do that and Katie is very much She's almost twenty and she's away at school and she's very much go and do and see. My youngest is ten and he just interrupted this podcast with a phone call to let me know the power went out at home. I don't think he'll ever leave home. He just did he went to the. Neighbors. The neighbors So anyway you very different, very different kids for sure and then I have a middle daughter to who is. Who? She something. She something you squeezed in her in there though I feel that as a middle child talking about your home. And have a middle child too sorry well, and she of. And I don't want my kids to listen to this because I feel like they're going to be like see I told you mom Mike My. But my middle daughter is just a force I mean she is just. She's a strong incredibly smart. He allows people make the joke. Oh, I can't handle my kids schoolwork. They're smarter than me. My Kid really is smarter than me. She really is smarter than me. She's brilliant. When she was in third grade, her teacher got her a the said I'm going to change the world in for sure she's going to change the world. if she's not in jail. When or the other The she's the one who is a vegetarian family of foodies, right? You for all sorts of loops? Yes, she is and she just decided that you know she decided she was going gluten free. Then she decided she was going to be vegetarian if she decides something. By, God she's GonNa do it and get out of her way..

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